• Common questions and answers

    Do I need to apply for admission to the College in order to take classes at SCC?

    No. Undeclared students can register for classes during the Registration period each term without completing the formal admissions process. Please note: Undeclared students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid through SCC. A student must be admitted to a program to be eligible for student aid.

    When can undeclared students register for classes?

    During Registration. Dates are listed on the registration page.

    I am a newly undeclared student.

    • You can register online if you have an SCC username and password.  To request an SCC username and password, complete the “Request Form for Undeclared Student for Online Registration Username” and fax, email or bring it in person to the Registration and Records office on campus. Make sure to include a valid email address because once the form has been processed an email will be sent to the email address on the form with instructions about how to access WebAdvisor on the Hub so you can register for classes online.
    • If you do not want to register online, you can complete a Registration Form for Credit Classes and fax, email or bring it in person to the Registration and Records office on campus.

    Can I meet with an advisor?

    Yes! To schedule an appointment contact the Career Advising Center on your campus.

    • Beatrice 402-228-8242
    • Lincoln 402-437-2620
    • Milford 402-761-8202

    What is the tuition and when is it due?

    • Tuition and fees must be paid by the first day of class.

    Can I register for any class that I want?

    Some classes have prerequisites. It could be a test score, meaning a student has to demonstrate that they are eligible for the course based on a standardized placement exams like the COMPASS, ACT, SAT or ASSET. Other courses may require the completion of prerequisite courses before registering (for example, a student needs to successfully complete ACCT1200 –Principles of Accounting I before they can register for ACCT1210 – Principles of Accounting II).

    If a student has taken courses at another institution or they have copies of placement exam scores they should bring a copy of their transcripts or scores along with them when registering.

    Many of the Programs of Study courses have limited lab or equipment space. Only students who are declared in their program(s) may register for those courses. If an Undeclared student wants to enroll in a Program of Study course, that student would need to contact the program chair and receive special written permission to enroll.

    What if I want to drop my class?

    Students must

    • Drop the class online using WebAdvisor on The Hub. (be sure to print a written confirmation of your drop if using WebAdvisor.)
    • Submit an "Official Drop/Add Form For Credit Classes" to the Registration and Records Office. 

    Dropping classes cannot be done over the phone or via email. Failing to show up for courses does not constitute an official drop. Students can withdraw from courses after the first week of classes and before the posted drop deadline each term and receive a ‘withdraw’ on their transcripts. However, students who withdraw after the first week of classes have expired may still owe tuition for those classes. If a student is receiving financial aid it is highly recommended that they contact the Financial Aid Office before dropping a class!

    Students must submit an official drop form prior to the drop or refund deadline to be eligible for a tuition-and-student-services-fee refund. Failure to attend classes does not absolve the student from making complete payment for all tuition and fees associated with the student’s registration.  NOTE: Students who have failed a class due to academic integrity or other disciplinary reasons are not eligible to drop or withdraw.

    What happens if I register for classes but don’t show up for them?

    "No Show" students will be billed and held responsible for full payment of tuition and fees for the classes they do not drop [within the designated refund period].Tuition charges for those courses may still be assessed and Financial aid will not be dispersed for courses that the student does not attend and does not officially withdraw from.