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Parking at SCC

  • Parking is available to students on each campus. Some parking spaces are reserved and designated for persons with disabilities. Parking in these designated areas requires a special permit.
    Driving or parking is not permitted on grassy surfaces or other non-established driving or parking areas except as expressly permitted by posted signs.
    The Beatrice, Milford and 8800-Lincoln campuses require all students, faculty and staff register their vehicle and display a parking permit sticker if parking in campus parking lots. The first parking permit is provided free to enrolled students.

    The downtown Lincoln Education Square location has discount parking available with the STUDENT PARKING CARDS. (For other downtown parking information visit Park and Go.)
    Parking at the Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center is available on the north, west and south sides of the building.
    The College is not responsible for damages to a car while parked on college property. Students are responsible for having insurance coverage on their vehicles.

    Campus speed limits and all state and local traffic regulations must be observed. Driving against the normal flow of traffic is not allowed.

    Handicapped Parking Placard
    Handicapped parking placards are available through the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. Individuals may obtain temporary or permanent placards depending on their needs and
    disability. Permits are FREE. If you need to apply for a permit please visit https://www.dmv.org/ne-nebraska/disabled-drivers.php for more information about the application process.

    SCC Temporary Permit
    A temporary handicap permit valid only on the SCC-Lincoln campus may be obtained at the Physical Plant Office. A doctor's statement stating need is required. No fee required. Call 437-2570.

    Restricted Parking Permits for Handicap Parking

    Holders of restricted parking permits, whether issued by the State or the College, agree to comply with the following terms, conditions and restrictions that apply to the use of restricted parking spaces on campus:
    • Permits are not transferable
    • Permits are to be used only by the party to whom issued or for the motor vehicle for which issued and only for the purposes issued
    • The disabled person or temporarily disabled person shall be considered the holder of the permit
    • All such permits shall be displayed by hanging the permit from the motor vehicle's rearview mirror so as to be clearly visible through the front windshield. The permit shall be displayed on the dashboard only when there is no rearview mirror.
    • Permits are not to be altered or reproduced
    • Permits are to be used only when the holder of the permit will enter or exit the motor vehicle while it is parked in a designated parking space

    Q: Is there handicap parking at the Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center?
    A: Yes, on the north side of the building.

    Parking Violations - Consequences

    SCC-issued temporary permit holders determined to be in violation of these guidelines shall be subject to revocation of the permit. Violations by individuals holding state-issued permits will be reported to the proper authorities, which may result in suspension of the permit and possible fines as establish in the Nebraska Revised Statutes.

    Removal of vehicles - Unauthorized Use of Restricted Parking Spaces

    Any vehicle parked in a restricted parking space and determined to be in violation of any of the above terms and conditions will be subject to towing at the owner's expense. Violators shall be subject to the penalties and procedures set forth in sections 18-1741.01 to 18-1741.07 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes.