POP Scholarship

  • Guidelines to Qualify for the POP Scholarship

    1. Must be accepted into a program at SCC or applying to be a C.N.A.
    2. Must qualify for financial aid or proof of other financial support.
    3. Acceptance into program is contingent upon a background check and if English is your second language ESL testing may be required.
    4. Must be below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines
    5. Have one person in the household-17,655
    6. Have two people in their household-$23,895
    7. Have three people in their household-$30,135
    8. Have four people in their household-$36,375
    9. Have five people in their household-$42,615

    Scholarship application.

    Support and Services

    • Educational goals and plans
    • Study Skills
    • Tutoring
    • Registration
    • Career Exploration
    • Financial Assistance
    • Community Resources

    Please stop by Student Success Center for any questions regarding the POP scholarship and speak with Lindsey Berlowitz (lberlowitz@southeast.edu) or Nick Dean(ndean@southeast.edu) or call 402-437-2653/402-437-2271.

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