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President's Videos

  • Beatrice Campus Director and VP Program Development
    SCC Educational
    SCC Student Development
    and Engagement
    New SCC
    Lincoln Campus
    Career Academy
    Role of Dean of Students and Assistant Campus Director
    Role of New Facilities
    in Engaged Learning

    Capital Advancement at SCC
    Safety and Security
    at SCC
    Comprehensive Accreditation Review Preparation
    Goal 9.6 and Compassion
    Contact Tracing Procedures
    TRIO Student Support Services
    Psychology and Interpersonal Relations
    Recruitment and Virtual Tours
    Traffic Safety and Licensing at SCC
    Guest Lecture on Descriptive Statistics
    Student Housing at SCC
    Applying Instructional Technology
    Preparing for Fall Classes
    SCC Vice President of Instruction
    Face Coverings at SCC
    Example of Safety and Control Procedure
    SCC Faculty and Improv
    Data Infrastructure
    Continuing Education and Workforce Development
    Transformation Change and Equity and Inclusion
    Phase I of Return to On-site Operations Plan
    Return to Operations Planning and HR
    Quality Initiative
    Staying Connect with Colleagues
    CARES Act Funding
    SCC Learning Centers
    Medical Assisting Program
    SCC Website
    ESL and ABE Instruction
    Human Resources
    Corporate Automotive and Collision Repair
    Student Advising at SCC
    Planning for New Opportunities
    Admissions at SCC
    Culinary and Hospitality
    Medical Lab Technology
    SCC Social Sciences Department
    Information Technology at SCC
    Administrative and Financial Services
    Resource and Grant Development
    Electrical Electromechanical Technology Program
    Social Media at SCC
    Administrative Assistant in Virtual Environment
    Advancement at SCC
    Continuing Education at SCC
    Virtual Learning - English Comp
    Student Services at SCC
    Extended Learning at SCC
    Program Development
    Precision Machining
    Workforce Development
    Facilities Update
    Inclusivity at SCC
    Instructional and Virtual Learning Update
    IR Faculty Staff Survey
    Staying Connected
    Goal 9 - Compassion
    Goal 9 - Reflection
    Goal 9 - Transparency
    Strategic Planning Update
    Instructional Technology Update
    Virtual Learning Update
    Student Success at SCC
    Enrollment Management
    Health Sciences Virtual Labs
    Managing Environment Complexities
    Publications Relations Update
    Accreditation Update
    Professional Development Opportunity
    Institutional Data Review