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Press Kits

  • Information provided by SCC's Marketing and Communication Office may be reproduced without permission. The marks and names of Southeast Community College may not be used in any commercial or private endeavor without the approval of the College.

    SCC is a two-year public institution with multiple campus locations. Members of the news media are welcome on campus at all times for any legitimate purpose. However, please let us know when you are coming so that we can be prepared for your visit and save you time and effort when working on a deadline.

    With the exception of residence halls, which serve as private homes of our students, the majority of SCC facilities are open to the media during regular business hours. Exceptions include classrooms, where individual instructors may refuse access, and support facilities or construction sites where safety issues may exist.

    The marks and names of Southeast Community College are protected trademarks and may not be used in any commercial or private endeavor without the approval of the College. Information provided by Southeast Community College Marketing and Communication Office may be reproduced without permission. Reporters are free to speak with any adult member of the SCC community regardless of whether they have made arrangements through the Marketing and Communication Office. However, members of our community also are free not to respond. In addition, some students are minors. In such cases, parental permission is required before an interview can take place. The Marketing and Communication Office will be happy to help reporters secure such permission if it is needed to cover the story.

    Guidelines for Photo and Video on Southeast Community College Property

    These guidelines apply to any type of photography (stills, video and film), to print and broadcast reporters with cameras and to commercial photographers and videographers.

    Commercial Projects

    These require special permission from the Administrative Director of Marketing and Communication, 402-323-3401, sosterthun@southeast.edu. Commercial photographers who wish to take and sell photos or video of campus buildings also must receive permission. Call 402-323-3401 or send an email to: sosterthun@southeast.edu.

    Political advertisements may not imply endorsement by Southeast Community College. Therefore, SCC's landmarks, buildings, grounds, mascot and/or logos may not be used in any political advertisement. Also, photographs and videos which use SCC's name, buildings, landmarks or other indicia shall not be used in advertising which promotes candidates or parties.

    News Photography/Video

    Outdoors on Campus

    News photography and videotaping is generally permitted in outdoor, public areas of campus as long as the story pertains to or involves the College or a member of the SCC community.

    Special permission to film for daily news stories and events is not typically required in common outdoor areas on campus.

    Interior Spaces on Campus

    Permission to shoot in interior spaces is required in all circumstances. This includes residence halls, dining areas, classrooms, laboratories, administration buildings and other facilities.

    In the event of a critical incident or emergency requiring police or fire response, access to areas usually open to media may be limited to allow emergency personnel to ensure safety and security. In those instances, media should follow guidelines provided at the site of the incident.

    Classrooms  generally are not open to the public or to the media while class is in session. Individual instructors may grant media access to class sessions.

    Commercial Use

    Commercial Photography/Videography

    Advertising that displays or lists Southeast Community College as a user of any product or service is prohibited. This prohibition extends to advertising using any name, picture, landmark, building or other indicia.

    Approval of an exception to this guideline may be granted only in writing by the Administrative Director of Marketing and Communication for goodwill advertising in the best interests of the College.

    All commercial use of campus names, including the manufacture and distribution of all commercial and consumer products (e.g., clothing, souvenir items, gifts, printed matter, and other emblematic merchandise), or services, is permitted only by authorization from the Administrative Director of Marketing and Communication. All such authorized products must be distributed through the campus stores.