Physical Therapist Assistant FAQs

  •   Q: How many students are accepted per class?
    A: 24

    Q: Is there a waiting list for admission?
    A: Yes

    Q: How do I move up on the waiting list?
    A: If a student currently in the program is not able to or chooses not to progress in the program, the next person on the waiting list is contacted. This may happen any time prior to the start of the technical part of the program. You will be contacted via email, therefore it is important to keep your information updated in WebAdvisor.

    Q: Are there prerequisite classes prior to admission to the program?
    A: There are prerequisite course requirements prior to admission. All prerequisite courses must be successfully completed with the required minimum GPA (2.5 for general education courses, 2.75 for science courses) prior to admission to the program and Anatomy and Physiology courses must have been completed within the last five years.

    Q: Can I start sooner if I have completed the general education courses?
    A: Students who have completed the prerequisite courses prior may not start the technical portion of the program early. PTA courses are offered once per year. All students in the program are scheduled to begin the technical part of the program in the Winter Quarter, and the courses must be taken in sequence.

    Q: What is Clinical Education? Do I have to travel? Do I get to choose the clinical site? What are the clinical hours?
    A: All students in the program will complete about 20 weeks of clinical education. Each student will be assigned (based on their preferences) to a clinical site, and most are within the 15-county area that SCC serves. However, it cannot be guaranteed that a student will be placed at a certain facility. Travel may be required. Each student will be assigned to at least one rural site (outside of Lincoln and Omaha) and at least one inpatient site. Clinical Instructors at each clinical site will provide hands-on instruction with patients. Clinical time will generally be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday. However, these hours can vary, and students are expected to follow the schedule established by the clinical site. All clinical sites must be pre-approved by SCC and the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education. Students are not to set up clinical sites on their own.

    Q: Are the classes offered online?
    A: No PTA courses are offered online. PTA courses are held face-to-face generally during the day Monday through Friday.

    Q: Do I have to get certain grades?
    A. All PTA courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C+ (75%) to progress in the program.

    Q: Can I transfer courses from another college?
    A: To assist you in determining whether a course at another institution would be acceptable for transfer, contact the SCC Admissions office.

    Q: Is the passing of a licensure exam required to work as a PTA?
    A: At the end of the program, students are eligible to take the Physical Therapist Assistant Licensure Exam through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. There is a fee for this exam. This is a requirement to become certified to practice in the state of Nebraska. Nebraska also requires a Jurisprudence exam on state rules and regulations.