• March 23, 2018

    • An update on the conversion from quarters to semesters was sent to SCC employees via email on March 1. The same email was sent to all current SCC students and those labeled as prospects on March 6.
    • A link to the Q2S website ( has been added to the SCC Mobile App.
    • The Admissions Office has communicated the conversion to high school guidance counselors.
    • In January a postcard was mailed to more than 4,000 former SCC students who did not complete a degree within the past three years, informing them of the conversion and to contact the College on how to start the completion process.
    • Communication was included in the December 2017 and April 2018 issues of the SCC Alumni News.
    • A rotating banner ad appears on the homepage of the SCC public website.
    • Communication is being included in all Continuing Education class schedules.

    Check this Announcements tab for the most up-to-date information regarding the conversion from quarters to semesters.

    March 9, 2018

    The Semester Conversion Steering Committee at Southeast Community College is providing this update on the College's progress toward a semester calendar.

    • Many topics of information related to the conversion can be found on the website This site will be available through August 2019. At the top of the public website,, you also will see a Q2S Countdown Timer to help you count down to the event. All major time zones are supported, and the icon is linked to the Q2S page.
    • A Transition Guide for Students is included on the Q2S website. This document contains information for students and employees; answers questions regarding financial aid, advising and other items related to the conversion; includes the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 semester calendars, and more.
    • In January a postcard was mailed to more than 4,000 former SCC students who did not complete a degree within the past three years. Recipients were encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at Beatrice, Lincoln or Milford for more information on how they can complete, and some students have made direct contact with their former Program of Study.
    • Further communication to numerous constituencies, including parents, alumni, high school counselors, four-year college and university representatives, employers, and community groups is being planned and will roll out during the coming months.
    • We'll also utilize the SCC Mobile App that will launch for employees March 14 and SCC students on March 28 as a means to communicate with everyone who downloads the App.

    This is a process that continues to evolve, and more information regarding the conversion will be provided ongoing throughout the coming 18 months.

    If you have any questions about any process, please use the Submit Questions link on the Q2S site.

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