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    Rachel had three of her photographic portraits published in Volume 14; her photos are notable for their depiction of female subjects in various stages of directness, contemplation, and friendship. Her photos reflect interesting choices in point of view and reveal the eye of an insightful photographer. We caught up with Rachel to ask her about her work.  

    Illuminations:  There's a lot of "girl power" going on in the photos published in Volume 14. What's up with that?

    Rachel:  I don't think gender has anything to do with the talent of the photographer; however, I think the world looks very different from a girl's perspective than from a guy's.

    I:  You photograph in both black and white and color. Which do you enjoy more, and what do you find to be advantages of each?

    R:  I think I enjoy shooting in black and white more because it feels very raw and exposed, and you can really bring out the character of the subject clearly. An advantage of shooting in black and white is that there is very little distraction from the subject, and it brings your photograph down to the basics. An advantage of shooting in color would be that you can bring out the vibrancy of the subject's personality through color.

    I:  In your bio for Volume 14, you call yourself a 'freelance photographer." What kind of photographic work have you done?

    R:  I've done a lot of random jobs. I've done senior pictures, I've done baby shoots, I've done graduation parties, and I use photography a lot in the Graphic Design and Media Arts program for projects, giving me a lot of freedom over the subjects I work with.

    I:   As a Graphic Design student, how do you see your design knowledge impacting your photographs?

    R:  Through the Graphic Design program, I've learned so much about composition, the use of color, and various techniques to utilize in my photography work. I've also learned a lot about photo editing and the different uses of photography in design.

    I:  Would you like to make photography part of your career someday, or do you just enjoy it as a hobby?

    R:  I think that photography would be a very important and useful tool in my future career (hopefully) as a graphic designer. It will give me a unique advantage and afford me more control over my design work by being able to photograph the subject(s) for myself and manipulate the photographs however I need to.

    I:  Your photographs in Volume 14 are notable for their unique camera angles or points of view. How do you make these creative decisions when approaching a subject to photograph?

    R:  I don't know if I consciously make decisions about angles and points of view; I just try to capture as much of the character of my subjects as I can and tell their story through photography. By using unique angles and perspectives, I am able to capture different angles of their personalities and different sides of them that people might not be able to see normally.

    I:  What advice do you have for new photographers?

    R:  I think that the most important thing to remember-whether you're doing still lifes, people, animals, or scenery, whether it's for a client, a project, or for no reason at all, just have fun with it! When you are working with subjects, when you are having fun, they will be more at ease, and you will be able to better capture their personalities and be able to tell their stories more effectively. When you enjoy doing what you do, it shows. If you don't enjoy doing what you're doing, people can tell!  If you don't enjoy what you're doing, do something else!