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    An instructor of Life Sciences on the Beatrice Campus, Rebecca's photo "Parallels" was published in Volume 14, and three more will appear in the upcoming Volume 15. Rebecca has been an avid supporter of Illuminations throughout the years, and she was happy to talk with us about her interest in photography, the creativity of scientists, and why Illuminations matters.

    Illuminations: You will have had photographs published in two volumes of Illuminations come spring. What is it you enjoy about photography? What are your favorite subjects and why?

    Rebecca: I enjoy taking photographs because it allows a moment to be captured. My favorite photographic subjects are things found in nature, which is most likely due to the fact that I really enjoy being outdoors. Trees are a particular favorite photographic subject, and I also love to photograph old buildings. Additionally, I really like to find and photograph lichens, the incredible fungus/algae symbiotic combination often found growing on trees.

    I: You are an instructor of Life Sciences on the Beatrice campus. The general perception is that scientists are not all that creative. This is a generalization, of course, but do you tend to agree or disagree and why?

    R: I have generally found fellow scientists to be analytical, methodical, and not particularly natively creative. (I would certainly say the same thing about me!). However, nearly every fellow scientist with whom I've crossed paths strives to add creativity to his or her realm, whether it's through music, writing, painting, or photography.

    I: We appreciate your participation in Illuminations. As an instructor, what do you see as the value of a publication like Illuminations for SCC students?

    R: Illuminations provides wonderful opportunities for SCC students, staff, and faculty to share their works of poetry, prose, photography, etc. with others in the SCC community and beyond. We are fortunate to have such a fine publication at Southeast Community College.

    I: You mentioned in your Volume 15 bio that you love to read. What do you enjoy reading most?

    R: I enjoy reading mysteries, biographies, certain poetry, and current fiction. A few favorite well-known authors include John Grisham, C. J. Box, and J. A. Jance. And, of course, I enjoy reading Illuminations!

    I: Your photos show interesting perspectives and angles - you seem to "see" designs that others don't. Does this come naturally to you, or have you improved your "eye" for photography over the years?

    R: I find the geometric patterns and angles found within nature to be extremely intriguing. I believe that my observation of design and perspective is innate and that it stems from a long-standing interest in and appreciation for mathematics and geometric shapes.

    I: What advice would you give to beginning photographers?

    R: I still view myself as a beginning photographer, but here are a few suggestions I could offer: take multiple photographs of the same scene with a slightly varied position, zoom, etc. each time. It's surprising how often a certain one really stands out. Also, if I may put in a "plug" for SCC Continuing Education, I would highly recommend enrolling in the series of photography classes in order to gain a solid understanding of lighting, framing, and other aspects of photography.