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  • What if you or your Sales Force could repeat the very best, "in the sales call… every single time"?

    You know... The one that felt more like a conversation than a sales call. When you “had them at, Hello.” When both of you could feel a connection every step of the way, and you knew you were not just making a sale… you were making a friend. (Effective with everyone, from CEOs to individual contributors.)

    Can your sales force answer yes to ...

    ce_sales01salescalls100x100 "Our sales people are well trained. They make 'in the zone' sales calls and have very high close rates."
    ce_sales02truevalue100x100 "We always help the customer associate our unique value to their business benefits. We don't discount to win business. We focus on selling our true value."
    ce_sales03upgrades100x100 "Once we close a deal, we get a continuous stream of upgrades. We often times are requested to participate at the planning level with our customers."
    ce_sales04marketing100x100 "All of our people create compelling customer correspondence, sales literature and marketing summaries that grab attention and generate sales leads."
    ce_sales05newleads100x100 "Our sales and marketing managers create lead generation strategies that provide a continuous stream of new leads."
    ce_sales06managers100x100 "Our sales people are committed to their sales career. They utilize performance plans that include all six aspects of sales excellence. Our sales managers can turnaround performance as well as attitudes in their employees."


    What if your sales force could do all 6 steps of a Planned Sales Call every single time?

    Click on the titles below for additional information on each of the Consultative Selling courses.  Registration links are included.

    Group Customization

    Is your organization looking for a dynamic sales and customer relations training that will increase your overall profitability and effectiveness of your sales team? Training Solutions can customize our training content and delivery system to meet the needs of your organization. Our training includes not only Consultative Selling training, but an entire library of Sales Force Effectiveness Tools.

  • Consultative Selling

    Introduction to Consultative Selling

    The vast majority of sales training programs actively tell you what to do. In contrast, the keystone sales methodologies offered in GDA's Consultative Selling offerings teach you how to do it. Don't miss this free introductory overview on the Consultative Selling methodology. This course includes: The Structures of Selling, and The Elements of the Planned Sales Call.

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    Establishing Rapport

    People buy from people that they enjoy being with and that allow them to relax right from the beginning of the call. This course teaches you how to establish rapport with your customer. This course includes: Introduction, Key Techniques, Business Rapport, Personal Rapport, and Conclusion & Final Exam.

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    Creating Interest

    What can you do or say in just twenty seconds that will make someone want to talk with you, open up to you and tell you whatever you need to know that you can sell them your solutions? This course includes: Introduction, Statement of Purpose, Qualified Reference, Statement of Potential Benefits, SOPD Quiz, and Final Exam.

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    Questioning for Needs

    You cannot begin to sell your products and services without understanding your customer's needs. Learn invaluable questioning techniques to propel your sales calls and sales results to the next level!

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    Presenting Solutions

    This course teaches you how to utilize your understanding of your customer's needs and present the features and advantages of your solution to your customer in a way that specifically addresses those needs. In addition, you will learn how to engage the customer in your solution to maintain interest and gather information you can utilize effectively in your closing. This course includes: Introduction, Key Techniques, and Conclusion & Final Exam.

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    Closing for Commitment

    This is the course for the sales leader who must direct cross-functional teams with confidence and clarity. This is the course for those besieged by sales deals that seem to drag on for months. This is the course for you. This course includes: Accelerating the Sales Process, The Fundamental Close - Part 1, The Fundamental Close - Part 2, Trial Close and Buyer's Remorse, and Final Exam.

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    Handling Objectives

    This is one of the most popular courses with sales audiences around the world. It is fast paced and filled with techniques and observations you will want to use. This course includes: Course Introduction and Types of Objections, The Objection Handling Methodology, Objection Handling Techniques - Part 1, Objection Handling Techniques - Part 2, and Content Review and Final Exam.

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    The Logical Selling Process

    Some sales do not occur within the first conversation. Learn how to plan and evolve your communication to achieve maximum productivity at each step along the way. This course will help you orchestrate the resources and activities required to close massive Fortune 50 class projects, while managing a pipeline of sales opportunities with greatly enhanced forecast accuracy. This course includes: Course Introduction, Attention and Interest: Phases of the LSP, Needs and Building: The Sales Phases of the LSP, Presentation and Close Phases of the LSP, LSP/PSC Call Orientation, Managing Your Pipeline, and The Final Exam.

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    Bundled Series Consultative Selling

    The bundled Consultative Selling option includes: Introduction to Consultative Selling, Establishing Rapport, Creating Interest, Questioning for Needs, Presenting the Solution, Closing for Commitment, Handling Objections, and Logical Selling Process courses.

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  • Financial Sales Skills

    Selling Value

    Learn the art of quantifying the benefits of your solution in terms of the business impact of the challenges your customer has. This course includes: Course Introduction, Global Container Unlimited, A Case Study, Making the Quantified Benefits Sales Call, and Final Exam.

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  • Account Management

    Multiples Marketing: Big Deals

    How can you find the really big deals in your account or territory? How can you find them even if you do not have relationships in the account? And how can you set up high odds opportunities to win the big deals you discover? You'll find all that and more right here in Multiples Marketing: Big Deals. This course includes: Introduction, Pipeline Summary, Executive Call, Joint Study, and Big Deal Final Exam.

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    Selling Upgrades

    There is potential for selling upgrades to every existing customer you have. In this course you will not only learn how to sell upgrades, you will know why you are entitled to do that business. This course includes: Introduction, TWO Sales Calls, Business Impact, Call Examples, and Final Exam.

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    Account Presence

    Expanding your presence in your account will expose you to more business opportunities and lock out the competition. Want to learn how? Take the Account Presence course. This course includes: Introduction & Expanding Your Base, CAPS Report & Project Meetings, Customer Accessibility & Power Rapport, and Final Exam.

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    Competitive Penetration

    How do you get business from your competitor's accounts? It's not that difficult. Take the Competitive Penetration course and we can teach how to win incremental business from your territories or accounts from right under the nose of your competitor. This course includes: Introduction, and Key Techniques/Conclusion/Final Exam.

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  • Marketing

    Lead Generation

    In order to grow, healthy companies need a continuous stream of new opportunities. This course will teach you how to target opportunities by market or by business area and how to create and debug powerful programs to create well-qualified leads. This course includes: Introduction, Strategies, Tactics, and Final Exam.

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  • Managing People

    Performance Planning

    Learn to create such clarity for your expectations of excellence that, from your newest to your most experienced employees, everyone will have a chance to walk in the footprints of your company's best practices! This course includes: Introduction, Numerical Objectives, Activities, Administration, Personal, Development, People Management, Clarity, Benefits, and Final Exam.

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    Career Development

    Among the aspects of our employee's responsibilities, the one that is the most personal and most influential on their attitude and job performance is their thinking about their career...both the current assignment and jobs for which they hope to complete. Learn how to make Career Development a key staple of your management skills and how to use it to boost morale and productivity. This course includes: Course Introduction, Strengths and Weaknesses, Action Planning, and Final Exam

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    Counseling Employees

    In this course, you'll learn how to use a powerful tool with which managers can turn around even the most emotional and angry employees. You'll follow a case study involving a young manager and a disgruntled employee that may even resemble a personal experience of your own. Learn a technique that will take the steam out of even the most heated, long-lasting and profoundly difficult situations. This course includes: Introduction, Management Styles, Management Tools, Discussion, Problem Prevention, and Final Exam

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  • Career


    In this course, we will teach you how to create an effective resume and how to utilize all of the skills you learned in the Consultative Selling courses to properly sell your most important product - YOU! This course includes: Creating a Winning Resume, Rapport and Interest, Questions and Solutions, Closing and Handling Objections, and Final Exam.

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    Independent Sales Professional

    Explore the potential for an exciting alternative to the traditional sales career. This course will provide you with an innovative solution to an economy where jobs are in short supply. Prior completion of the Consultative Selling courses and the Interviewing course is strongly recommended. This course includes: Choosing Your Sales Career, Company Call - Rapport, Interest and Needs, Company Call - Solution, Close and Objections, Customer Call and Final Exam.

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  • Professional

    Wonderful Rules of Sales Writing

    Business sales writing hasn't necessarily kept up with today's style of communication. Now, with the Wonderful Rules of Sales Writing, you and your team can gain new perspectives on how to make communicating your capabilities come alive. Make them energetic. Inviting. Engaging. And create compelling communications that gain new clients and expand your customer base. In the first module, you can download a study guide for this course.

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