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NEW! Becoming an Animal Foster Parent

Start Date: 03/14/2023

Location: Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center

Phone Number: 402-437-2712

Fostering an animal is one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences you can do! By fostering an animal in need, you are opening up a spot at a shelter or rescue so they can save another from euthanasia. During your fostering experience you will assist in getting your foster ready for adoption and their perfect family. As enjoyable as pet fostering can be, it is not a decision you want to take lightly. Taking the time to consider the commitment is in the best interests of both you and the animals in need. Let’s take a deep dive into what fostering really involves.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
6:30-8 p.m.
Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center, Room 404
301 S. 68th St. Place, Lincoln, NE
Instructor: Chapek
Course Number: LLLX-0041-CESA
Keyword: Animal

More information on how to register (PDF).

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For more information, contact Nancy Holman at nholman@southeast.edu; 402-437-2712; or 800-828-0072, ext. 2712.