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Scholarship Information

  • More about the Scholarships

    Since its beginning, the Southeast Community College Educational Foundation has supported the vitality and growth of SCC to benefit students, staff and the communities the College serves through the development and wise use of financial resources.

    The student scholarship program has always been the primary objective guiding the Foundation's many activities. Initiated in 1978, the scholarship program provided a total of $1,000 for each of SCC's three campuses that first year. Donor generosity, sound planning and wise investments have fostered tremendous growth from those humble beginnings. Last year over $1.5 million in scholarship support was awarded to SCC students.

    Foundation donors, many of whom are SCC alumni, have made generous contributions to the scholarship programs for our students. Without their help, many students many would not have been able to realize their dreams of a college education.

    SCC's mission is to provide opportunities for growth and development to all students, no matter what their educational goals. The SCC Foundation mission is to offer the financial support necessary to help students who want to reach those goals. Contributions make all the difference to many deserving students.

    Thank you so much for supporting the students, their education and the growth and vitality of SCC!

    General Scholarship Fund

    Intelligent and talented students are a vital resource to society. As the baby boom generation retires at a rapid pace, the demand for highly skilled, highly trained workers also increases.

    Many alumni and friends remember how difficult it was for them and their families to meet the financial obligations of attending college. Donors to SCC's Educational Foundation share a special commitment: to provide Southeast Community College students a valuable educational experience. Providing opportunities for students in and around our service area is a critical step toward fulfilling the needs of a skilled workforce.

    Today, with the rising costs associated with a quality education, this is more important than ever. Each gift to the College's Scholarship Fund represents a level of confidence in the SCC tradition of providing a high-quality education to the men and women who represent our future.

    The SCC Scholarship Fund is the most effective way to provide bright, hardworking men and women with the opportunity to experience all that Southeast has to offer.

    Make an impact on someone's life now and in the future by contributing to the SCC Educational Foundation's Scholarship Fund.

    Great Plains Culinary Institute Fund

    The Great Plains Culinary Institute opened in 2018, offering emerging hospitality professionals the premiere culinary educational space in the state. The new facility features Course, an upscale restaurant, and state-of-the-art educational spaces including two teaching labs, a demonstration kitchen, and a bakery. While this innovative facility has inspiring and high quality culinary spaces, SCC is seeking additional resources to support the College’s mission, facilities, and programming.

    The future of SCC’s Great Plains Culinary Institute will include many student success stories, industry transformation, and life-changing experiences for the students, faculty, and communities SCC serves. Please join us today in building the next 30 years of the SCC Culinary/Hospitality program.

    With an annual donation of $100, you could become part of the SCC Diners Club. Your gift will support programming, capital improvements, and scholarships. We will prominently display all SCC Diners Club members in Course.

    Health Sciences Building Fund

    Nebraska’s healthcare workforce is facing a serious shortfall, but Southeast Community College is poised to fill the void. Our innovative Health Sciences facility will greatly expand the College’s capacity to produce the highest-quality graduates in SCC’s 16 Health Sciences programs. The new facility—which will include the latest advanced technologies, equipment, and practices—will strengthen our communities throughout the state by creating the skilled workforce needed to deliver timely and pioneering healthcare.

    For the first time in our history, we’re asking you to invest in SCC’s Health Sciences programs by making a donation to support this transformative facility equipped to produce the next wave of skilled healthcare workers for Nebraska.