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Semester Conversion Guiding Principles

  • The Semester Conversion Steering Team adopts the following guiding principles for all work regarding SCC’s transformation from a quarter- to semester-based system. We remain dedicated throughout the process to SCC’s mission and core values outlined in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan: excellence, integrity, innovation, inclusion, stewardship, and accountability.

    Student Centered

    • Create and maintain a student-centered approach to ensure the impact of the conversion to semesters limits disruption to students’ academic progress toward awards.
    • Anticipate transition issues as a part of the conversion process so that we can assist students as they complete their program of study.
    • Provisions are made to minimize complications created in the transition year by providing for additional and intensive student advising that accommodates where necessary exceptions, course substitutions, and other requirements.

    Positive Communication

    • Commit to disseminating meaningful information with campus constituencies through clear, open, on-going, and up-to-date communication.
    • Provide consistent updates, collaborate with key stakeholders, and engage in open, positive dialogue about the conversion process throughout the transition.

    Education and Service Excellence

    • Preserve and continue the integrity and excellence in instructional methods through professional development and support to assist faculty.   Continue to utilize and develop innovative pedagogy and high impact, evidence based practices, addressing the learning needs of a diverse group of students through engagement and student success.
    • Provide professional development and support for staff as they develop and implement new policies, processes and procedures in each of their areas.