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You're a Good Fit: Surgical First Assist

  • Here’s what it takes to become a successful Surgical First Assist:

    • Your are a certified Surgical Technologist with at least three years experience who want to expand their practice.
    • Must be able to execute responsibility toward expectations of the program regarding attendance, assignments and record keeping.
    • Possess the ability to multitask efficiently.
    • Have the endurance to be able to stand an entire shift if needed.
    • Must have good manual dexterity showing the ability to work efficiently with their hands.
    • A strong commitment to patient safety.
    • Have the ability to put the needs of someone else before themselves (put the patient first in all situations).
    • Attention to detail.
    • Good communication skills (ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions and can verbally communicate well with the supervisor and fellow workers).
    • Must be able to make good decisions based on the use of good logic and analytical skills.
    • Understands problem sensitivity (ability to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong).
    • Is willing and able to function as a member of a team.