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Sophie Lorenz

  • SophieLorenzGraphic Design/Media Arts alumna, Sophie Lorenz
    Graduated June, 2017, Interaction Designer and Developer at Don’t Panic Labs in Lincoln, NE

    What originally brought you to SCC’s Graphic Design | Media Arts program?

    Sophie: I was a late bloomer when it came to college. I gave a bigger university a shot right after high school, but it proved to be too much for me too quickly, and I wasn't sure what kind of career path I wanted at the time. Throughout the years, I continued to hear great things from friends who attended and graduated from the program. Word of mouth, affordability, and seeing firsthand the work my friends were producing was my strongest motivator for joining GD|MA.

    GD|MA: What do you like about graphic design?

    Sophie: I like the subtlety of good design; less is truly more. When something is poorly designed, you can easily see and feel the negative repercussions of it. When something is well-designed, it isn't disruptive.

    GD|MA: How would you describe your experience at GD|MA?

    Sophie: It was incredibly rigorous but worthwhile. My life was on pause for 18 months in order to meet the demands of the program. I put in a lot of effort and it yielded great student work and a strong portfolio that was able to stand out.

    GD|MA: How did the program prepare you for work?

    Sophie: I am over the moon with how adequately GD|MA prepared me for work. Not only did the program provide me with the knowledge and skill sets to be a strong designer, it handed me real-world opportunities. I was able to work with effectively with real clients, properly research and present justifications for my design choices, and gave me a realistic experience that truly reflects the demands of the design community.

    GD|MA: What is one of your favorite memories about your time in the program?

    Sophie: All of the little moments were some of my favorites. Seeing the same faces every day for 18 months can really bring people together. We saw the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between. It was a mini family and I cherished all my "family members" for all of their unique quirks and personalities. It was a time in my life (that was sadly, too short) that I will never forget.

    GD|MA: What would you say to others considering graphic design at SCC?

    Sophie: This program is not for the faint of heart and painting pretty pictures all day. You get many opportunities to express yourself creatively while still working within the parameters of graphic design. Be prepared to devote most of your time and energy into learning and creating. Despite the challenges, you will reap the benefits if you are fully committed.

    GD|MA: Have you participated in any design competitions or organizations since graduation? What kind of successes have you seen there?

    Sophie: I submitted work to AIGA Nebraska's SHOW 2017 Exhibition in November of 2017. I won one gold, two silvers, and a bronze for my work completed during the program.

    GD|MA: What are your goals for the future?

    Sophie: I am excited to work at a company that encourages me to ask questions and allows me to learn and grow on the job. I want to continue to further my exploration and education of interaction design and user experience design. I think the world today is an exciting time for the design world. I also have a strong desire to continue to find innovative ways to make accessibility a more prominent focus in the design community.