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Student Senate

  • Student Senate is the student governing body of the campus participating in the administration of student affairs. Each SCC campus - Beatrice, Lincoln and Milford - has a Student Senate. The Senate acts in an advisory capacity and represents students in the planning and decision-making process. The president of Student Senate is a non-voting member of the SCC Board of Governors. Persons wanting more information on Student Senate are asked to contact the Student Activities Coordinator on their campus.

    Beatrice Campus

    A number of Beatrice Student Senate activities take place in conjunction with athletic contests, including:

    • Pink Night. This is held at both a home volleyball match and a home basketball game. Prizes are distributed to the crowd, and Senators usually dress in all pink attire.
    • Homecoming. This is held during the basketball season, usually in January or February. The King and Queen are crowned during halftime of a basketball game, and a dance follows.

    Other Beatrice Campus Student Senate activities include:

    • The Senate has a free lunch following each meeting.
    • The Senate plans all campus activities for the quarter.
    • The Senate takes a trip to Kansas City for a Royals baseball game and Worlds of Fun theme park.
    • Dash for Doughnuts. This is a 1.5-mile run through beautiful downtown Beatrice. There are four stops participants must make where they must eat a doughnut and continue to run. Prizes are given at the end of the race.

    Halloween Dance. A dance is held in conjunction with the October event. Prizes are given to students with the best costumes.

    Lincoln Campus

    Typical Senate activities on the Lincoln Campus include a once-per-quarter community service project; discussing safety issues around campus such as crosswalks, signage and speeding on campus; issues pertaining to the betterment of the student body; and various events sponsored by the Senate Activities Committee.

    Activities include movie nights; treat days; speakers and performers such as comedians and hypnotists; and casino night.

    Other activities away from campus include Zoo Night, Champions Fun Center Night, Boo at the Zoo, Roca Scary Farm, and Lincoln Saltdogs games or Lincoln Stars hockey games.

    There also are various events sponsored by the Senate Wellness Committee, including blood drives; awareness days for breast cancer, AIDS, skin cancer, cholesterol, and sexually-transmitted diseases; the Great American Smoke Out; and events during Alcohol Awareness Week.

    Student Senate also gets involved during Student and Staff Appreciation Week.

    Milford Campus

    The Milford Campus Student Senate is involved in numerous activities, including intramural sports such as basketball, volleyball, flag football, and softball. Each quarter the Senate helps organize a campus blood drive. First-day popcorn and M&Ms are a traditional favorite, and the organization sponsors a couple of treat days during each quarter.

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