• May 2012:

    • Self-Study Report Completed

    June 2012:

    • Self-Study Report Presented to SCC Board for Approval

    July 2012:

    • SCC Board of Governors - approval of Self-Study Documents

    August 2012:

    • SCC Check Us Out! Campaign Events
    • SCC distributes information to its constituencies regarding request for third party comments.
    • All required documents-including Federal Compliance, Institutional Snapshot, Credit Hour Worksheets-are finalized.
    • SCC will submit the self-Study, Snapshot and Federal Compliance to our HLC Liaison.
    • SCC begins preparations for the site-visit.
    • SCC All-College-Inservice, August 31, 2012

    September 2012:

    • SCC provides a complete set of evaluation materials to each site visitor and to HLC in electronic format.
    • Complete Self-Study will be available for employee and public review on the SCC website.
    • SCC continues preparations for site-visit.

    October 2012:

    • HLC Site-Visit-October 22-24, 2012

    January 2013-March 2013:

    • SCC receives a draft Team Report and has an opportunity to correct errors of fact.

    Spring Quarter 2013:

    • SCC receives final team report and SCC sends formal response.