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    Transitions director, Geriann Rada, works with student, Cyndy Hermsen. 

Transitions Lab

  • The Transitions Lab helps prepare students for success in college-level coursework by offering a special “Quick Start” brush-up workshop and the opportunity to meet with a Transition Advisor.

    How does it work?

    Transition Advisors meet with new and current students to assess their needs and current course placement, based on their college-entrance test scores. Transition Advisors help people gain entrance into college and/or their college program by providing resources and support to improve skills, gain confidence, and potentially boost test scores.

    The Transitions Lab is a special opportunity for students to have access to the right resources to successfully obtain a college degree, certificate, or diploma.

    Together the student and the Transition Advisor determine the student’s appropriate learning path which may include:

    Enrolling in the “Quick-Start” brush-up workshop to boost college-level skills.

    • Quick-Start is a Continuing Education, non-credit class offered for the cost of $20 (not covered by Financial Aid)
      • Attend a minimum of 10 lab hours at your convenience in your needed area: math, reading, writing, technology, or keyboarding skills.
      • At completion of your 10 hours, you will retest or free with the goal of higher class placement and possible entrance into your desired program.

    To sign up or get more information:

    Come to the Transitions Lab on your campus or email the Transition Advisors at SCCTLab@southeast.edu.

    *This product is 75 percent funded by a $2,507,462 TAACCCT grant from the U.S. Dept. of Labor.
    *SCC is an Equal Opportunity institution.
    *Veterans are entitled to Priority Service.
    *402-437-2702 TTY number for hearing impaired.

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