Veterans Benefits

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    If you are currently serving in the U.S., overseas, or have completed your military service, SCC is a GI Friendly School that accepts educational assistance through the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Armed Forces programs, such as Tuition Assistance.

    Students applying for benefits through Veterans Affairs or the Armed Forces should know that there are a few items that will need to be completed prior to enrollment. The MGIB can take up to three months to be approved for use at an institution of higher learning.

    If you are a new student, there is a checklist of items that needs to be brought to SCC's VA Certifying Official at least 30 days prior to enrollment. If you are a returning student or a transfer student, transcripts, documentation and prior approval of benefits must be brought to the attention of the SCC's VA Official in order to initiate benefits.

    Make note that upon certification of benefits, it will be approximately 30 business days after enrollment for payments to be received.

    The VA Certifying Official is on staff Monday through Friday 8am-5pm for assistance.

    Welcome and thank you for serving our country.

    Checklist of Documents for MGIB

    It is always best to provide as much documentation to the Department of Veterans Affairs and your VA Rep so that processing of your VA Benefits or any subsequent documents can be processed in as timely a manner as possible.

    Active Duty Veterans: Provide a DD Form 214 (member 4 copy is preferable) and any documentation showing kickers, buy-ups or College Funds.

    Armed Forces Selected Reserve or Guard Members: Provide a copy of your most recent DD Form 214 (member 4 copy preferable).

    Copy of your Kicker Addendum, if applicable

    A NOBE form (Notice of Basic Eligibility)

    Anyone eligible for the Montgomery GI Bill must provide legible copies of all paperwork to SCC for assistance. These papers can be found in enlistment packages, through the unit that they are assigned to and by having an active AKO account and using IPERMS. Always provide copies of paperwork and never the original documentation. If needed, you may ask for copies to be made and the originals returned to you.

    Applying for the MGIB

    A student may apply on their own for the MGIB by going to Click on the Apply for GI Bill Benefits, and then click on Start VON-APP. It will then ask you to set up a temporary account. The temporary account closes after 30 days and is only for use by the VA to contact you regarding your paperwork status.

    The account will ask you what form from the drop-down box you want to file.

    Use the form that fits your status:

    VA Forms


    for all new claims for active duty, veterans and guard and reserve members.


    for students returning to school after an absence of one term, changing schools or changing programs.


    for students who are adjusting enrollment, dropping out of school, or for immediate changes in status of enrollment.


    for spouses and dependent children of 100 percent T and P disabled veterans or deceased veterans. This is the application to initiate claims.


    for spouses and dependents of veterans returning to school.


    for dependents who are awarded Transfer of Entitlement from veterans under the Post 9/11.


    for students who are contracted under the National Call to Service program.

    There are additional forms that can be used for subsequent claims. Be sure to print or save a copy of the application that you submit to the VA. Always provide legible copies of paperwork and make sure to keep the original documents for your records.

    Should you have any questions, you may contact your VA Rep at SCC for further assistance:

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