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After Applying, What's Next?

  • “I’ve completed the Application for Admission. Now what?”

    Here is a list of things to consider after being admitted to SCC!

  • Financial Aid »

    Financial Aid: Financial aid is money available from federal, and state resources, from Southeast Community College, and from private sources to help students and their families pay for attending SCC. Financial aid will help pay for direct educational costs such as tuition, fees and textbooks, as well as personal living expenses like housing, food and transportation. To begin the process, submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) early. The FAFSA  is the primary application for all federal aid, as well as some state and institutional financial aid programs. Applicants will need their most recent W-2 form(s) and most recent tax return information. The application can be completed at the Federal Student Aid website. The school code for SCC is 007591.

    Financial Aid Orientation: Students who are awarded financial aid must complete a mandatory financial aid orientation. This orientation can be completed either online or by attending an on-campus session. Students who complete the orientation online will need access to a printer. Information about the financial aid orientation can be found here: https://www.southeast.edu/FAO/

    Scholarships: SCC’s goal is to make higher education accessible to as many qualified students as possible. With more than 80 percent of students attending SCC accepting some form of financial aid, scholarships are a great supplement. SCC awards scholarships to students based on need, academic ability or a combination of both. More information about our scholarship program can be found at www.southeast.edu/Scholarships.

    Questions? Contact Financial Aid office 800-642-4075 ext. 2610 or financialaid@southeast.edu.

    Housing »

    Housing: Residential housing is available on the Beatrice and Milford campuses.

    The Beatrice Campus offers one suite-style and three spacious, apartment housing buildings for single students. Slightly more than 300 students reside on the Beatrice Campus. Eisenhower Hall, Washington Hall, Roosevelt Hall, and Hoover Hall each provide cable TV, Internet access and furniture in each unit. No food plan is available, but the Snack Bar in the Student Center, located in the Kennedy Center, is open Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch.
    The Milford Campus residence halls are available for men, women, married couples, and single parents. Approximately 250 students live on the Milford Campus. Each residence hall unit has extended cable TV plus HBO, wireless Internet access in all buildings and wired Internet ports in Nebraska and Cornhusker Halls. A meal plan is included in the cost of all room styles in Nebraska and Cornhusker Halls. All students living in the Pioneer Hall complex may opt into a cafeteria meal plan.
    The Lincoln Campus does not provide on-campus housing. Information is available for students seeking housing, including apartment listings, prices and general information on independent living. Contact the Admissions Office on the Lincoln Campus for more information at 402-437-2600.

    Questions? Contact Housing office in Beatrice 402-228-8291, In Milford 402-761-7398 in Lincoln 402-437-2600 or housing@southeast.edu

    The Hub »

    The Hub: The Hub is SCC’s internal portal to find all the information needed to be a successful student at SCC. The Hub is the source to find classroom grades, billing information and financial aid awards, just to name a few!
    What is your SCC ID? The SCC ID number is a unique seven-digit number assigned to each student. To retrieve your SCC ID number, go to the Help Desk page on The Hub and enter your last name and your Social Security Number.  http://helpdesk.southeast.edu/.

    What is your SCC Username? A username consists of the first initial of the  first name, first initial of the last name and SCC ID number with no leading zeros. For example: John Smith has an ID of 0123456, his log-in username would be js123456.

    What is your initial password? Your initial password is Scc# + the last four digits of your SSN (Example: last four are 1234; password is: Scc#1234). If the last four of the SSN does not work, please contact the Help Desk. This is a temporary password and must be changed the first time a user logs in.

    How do you change your password? Go to the Hub at https://thehub.southeast.edu. Enter your user name and the initial password. You will then be prompted to change the password to something that you personalize. The requirements for the password are:

    • Must contain 3 of the 4 following criteria:
      • lower case letter
      • upper case letter
      • number
      • symbol of the following: !#$%^*( )
    • Must NOT contain 3 or more consecutive letters or digits of:
      • First name
      • Last name
      • SCC ID

    New Student Enrollment » 

    Get started on your Path to Possible at SCC!

    As a new student at SCC, you will be invited to participate in New Student Enrollment (NSE).. As part of the NSE experience, students will connect with an advisor, register for classes, and get important information to help them prepare to start classes at SCC!

    Information about NSE will be emailed to students prior to the start of their first term. For more information, contact nse@southeast.edu.

    Students who are accepted to a program of study will be contacted by the College about New Student Enrollment and registering for classes. After completing New Student Enrollment and the new student survey, students will have the opportunity to register for classes with an advisor. Advisors are valuable support persons on campus, providing connections to campus resources and insuring that new students are taking the correct classes, which can save students time and money! If you have advising questions, please contact advising@southeast.edu.
    After registering for classes, students with a copy of the class schedule are eligible to obtain a free SCC photo identification card. Free photo IDs are available for each student for use on campus in the Library Resource Center, Business Office, Bookstore, entry to College activities, etc. Photos for ID cards are taken in the Welcome Center at the Beatrice Campus, at the Information Desk at the Lincoln Campus or in the Assessment Office on the Milford Campus.

    Bookstore »

    The SCC Bookstore, with locations on the Beatrice, Lincoln and Milford campus, is the primary source for textbooks and merchandise. A full range of new and used textbooks, supplies, educational aids, gift items, and personal items are available. Order in-person or online at www.sccbookstore.com.

    Full payment of tuition and fees is due no later than the beginning of the term. If students register for classes after the first day of the term, payment is due immediately for class registrations. Non-payment of tuition and fees may affect future enrollment status. SCC accepts VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards for payment. SCC also offers students the FACTS eCashier Monthly Payment Plan. “FACTS” eCashier provides an option for budgeting tuition and other educational expenses. Contact the campus Student Accounts Office for a “FACTS” eCashier brochure, which includes a copy of the Automatic Tuition Payment Agreement.

    Students can also log into The Hub and view their account online, make a payment or print their invoice at https://selfservice.southeast.edu/student.