COVID-19 Update: Welcome to SCC! On-site face-to-face credit classes and labs are being held at all SCC locations. Stay safe!

Working Remotely: Getting Started

  • SCC employees who can work remotely should work remotely while the College maintains an appropriate level of services at our locations. We are working remotely, primarily from home, to try to slow the spread of COVID-19. Turning your home into your temporary office can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you have a positive experience.

    1. Keep a Schedule and Be Productive
      • Get dressed, gather your materials (computer, headphones, pen, paper) whatever you might normally keep at your desk. Make a list of tasks to tackle today and stick to it.
      • Keep your Outlook calendar up to date.
      • Keep your Outlook calendar up to date.
        John Doe
        Job Title, Division/Department
        Southeast Community College
        Address, 1st line
        Address, 2nd line
        Phone # with area code
        Available Hours: Let people know days/times you can be reached.
    2. Find a Space to Work
      • Locate a space free of distraction that has access to Wi-Fi and electrical outlets for your devices.
      • Keep it clean and organized.
      • Set ground rules with people sharing your space.
    3. Communicate Often
      • The trick to working from home with your team is to communicate often. Treat it as if you were in the office.
      • Chat online with a quick question, shoot an email adding attachments you’re working on, or make a call to just check in.
      • Work with your team to determine what technology you will use to share files and information with co-workers working from home or the office.
      • Gather contact information for your team.
      • Create a team Zoom meeting and plan regular meet-ups to connect virtually.
      • Make students and employees aware of how best to contact you (phone, email, text, Zoom, Skype, Canvas, etc.)
    4. Remember to Take Breaks
      • Walk outside and get some fresh air. Stretch your legs. Put on some music and dance. Get moving. Make sure you take care of your well-being and take some time to stretch throughout the day.
    5. Encourage One Another
      • Don’t forget to stay connected personally. Start a video chat with a colleague to see how they are doing with the transition. Encourage one another. Laugh.
    6. Technology Tips