Transfer Advising

  • Southeast Community College is committed to providing transfer students with information to guide you in your academic planning. Be sure to consult with an advisor to discuss how the courses you take at SCC are applicable to your major at your four-year institution. It ultimately is your responsibility to check with the four-year school to which you plan to transfer to ensure the classes you take at SCC will apply toward your bachelor’s degree.

    SCC Academic Transfer Advising Mission:

    In support of the College mission, academic advising is a collaborative relationship between students and advisors that is instrumental in the development of students' educational goals.  Academic Advising:

    • Teaches students to become self-directed, life-long learners with the understanding that the ultimate responsibility for decisions resides with the student.
    • Empowers students to develop and implement academic plans consistent with their personal and career goals.
    • Assists students with navigating the educational system and accessing available resources to resolve problems and aid in their success.

    How transferring credit typically works:

    • Plan ahead! Apply to your transfer school at least 4 - 6 months before you wish to attend. Some schools have earlier deadlines.
    • The school to which you transfer always has final approval of how they will apply your SCC credits toward their degrees.
    • Many four-year schools have a limit on how many credits they will accept (if any) with a grade below a C.
    • A minimum cumulative GPA of a 2.0 ('C' average) is usually required to transfer. However, some schools and majors require a higher GPA.
    • Your grades at SCC will be used to make an admissions decision for the school to which you plan to transfer. However, your SCC grades are usually not factored into the GPA at your four-year school.
    • Foundational courses (those with course numbers less than 1000) typically do not transfer.
    • You will need to send an official copy of your final SCC transcript to your four-year school.