Bruce Tangeman

Vice President

Human Resources, Professional Development & Safety

Bruce TangemanBruce has served SCC in his current role since 2011. He oversees all aspects of employment, personnel, training and development, and safety/security staffing at all primary campuses.

The uniqueness of each day in Human Resources provides Bruce, and his staff, opportunities to learn, experience and improve. During Bruce’s tenure at SCC, his office led a software transition to PeopleAdmin, which offers a variety of solutions in the talent management arena. The robust applicant tracking system and position management tools within the online recruitment system provide the College with a more efficient way of onboarding new employees.

Bruce’s collaborative style of work is a perfect fit for his role in HR. He values the opportunity to learn from different opinions, ideas and suggestions, with the goal to determine the best possible outcome, regardless of the situation.

Bruce holds a bachelor’s degree in Business & Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has worked in executive and senior-level HR, operations, development, athletics, and training positions for more than 35 years at both private- and public-sector employers.