Robin Moore

Administrative Director

Institutional Effectiveness and Research

Robin MooreRobin Moore leads a team that provides valuable data to SCC employees, outside agencies and the general public. Responsibilities include the majority of the state and federal reporting, public Fact Book information, strategic planning, and accreditation.

Robin spent the majority of her career at SCC in the Student Affairs area of the College, including as an admissions technician, several positions in student enrollment, and eventually becoming dean of students at the Milford Campus.

She has been involved in several major projects at SCC, including the conversion of two computer systems, the transition from a quarter academic calendar to a semester calendar, and the establishment of the Office of Institutional Research.

Robin also has achieved recognition for her work at SCC. In 1999 she received the Lincoln Campus Outstanding Staff Award. In 2002 she received the Lincoln-Area-Milford-Beatrice (LAMB) Outstanding Staff Award (Professional), and in 2007 she received the same award as an administrator.

SCC was Robin’s first job upon graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Even though she did not attend a community college, a brother, two nephews and three nieces completed programs at SCC, and a niece works on the Lincoln Campus.

Outside of SCC, Robin enjoys spending time with family, volunteering at her church, maintaining her acreage, and attending and watching sporting events, particularly Husker volleyball, football, and basketball, and activities of her great-nieces and nephew.

Robin has worked at SCC for 39 years and has been in her current role since 2013. She is a native of Gresham, Nebraska. She has a daughter and son-in-law and two grandsons.