Health Sciences Division practices emergency situation

Around 175 Southeast Community College Health Sciences students took part in a division-wide simulation on Friday, March 25, at SCC’s Lincoln Campus.

Students from nine programs practiced working together to treat 12 patients involved in a car accident.

“The real focus is to try and get communication between the different teams for the best possible patient outcome,” said Renee Schnieder, Associate Degree Nursing instructor and simulation coordinator for the division.

The entire building was turned into a functioning hospital while three simulations ran throughout the day. Physician Assistant students from Union College also took part in the day’s events. The first floor had surgeries and radiology exams; the third floor had the ER, ICU and General Care rooms; and the fourth had the pharmacy, physical therapy and medical lab rooms.

“What we see the most is students in one program don’t realize what the roles and responsibilities are of students in a different program,” added Schnieder. “A lot of these students are seniors and so they’re going to be graduating and joining the workforce, so we are really hoping they take this with them.”

The event took place in SCC’s new state-of-the-art Health Sciences facility, which is located east of the main building at the College. This is the first time in several years the event took place because of COVID and moving into the new facility.


Andrea Gallagher
Communications Specialist