New dean has many goals for Southeast Community College

Caleb Herwick is the new dean of Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering & Technology at Southeast Community College. Having previously worked as an adjunct instructor in the Computer Information Technology program at SCC, he is happy to be back in higher education.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an instructor with SCC," Herwick said. "I love being able to work for mission-driven organizations. I always hoped to have an opportunity to return to higher ed in some capacity that would allow me to help implement changes on a larger scale."

Herwick said he likes to be challenged and learn something new every day, and this position aligns with that. Prior to SCC, he worked at Tabitha Health Care Services as executive director of information technology.

A native of Milltown, Wisconsin, Herwick earned a bachelor's degree in communications from Union College. He then went on to receive an associate degree in CIT from SCC. In his new position he will set the vision for programs and ensure that SCC is staying on the cutting edge.

"I enjoy working with faculty to make sure they have what they need to provide an outstanding educational experience for students," he added. "I hope to work with our program directors to identify needs and pathways for additional credential offerings within SCC, as well as building additional 2+2 pathways with the surrounding four-year college and universities."

Herwick's wife, Shawna, also works at SCC as administrative director of accreditation, institutional assessment and planning. Caleb will office in Milford and Lincoln and can be reached at and 402-761-8261.


Andrea Gallagher
Communications Specialist