SCC to move, expand athletic offerings beginning Fall 2023

Prospective student-athletes attending Southeast Community College will soon have more choices in which to participate in intercollegiate athletics when an expansion plan takes effect in fall 2023.

Also, sports teams will be based at Beatrice, Lincoln and Milford campuses instead of Beatrice only, which has been the case for decades.

Plans are being made to more than double the current number of sports teams offered at SCC. Brett Bright, SCC athletic director and Beatrice Campus executive director, said the additional sports will dramatically increase student participation in intercollegiate athletics.

“We’ll be increasing our student-athlete participation from 160 to close to 400,” Bright said with the addition of nearly a dozen sports.

Currently, SCC offers 10 sports that compete at the National Junior College Athletic Association level, five for women (basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, and volleyball) and five for men (baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, and soccer). New sports are esports (coed), women’s golf, rodeo (coed), trap (coed), men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s track and field, men’s volleyball, and men’s and women’s wrestling.

Most of the sports are scheduled to start competition in fall 2023 with the exception of men’s volleyball and possibly men’s and women’s tennis. Those starts may be delayed until fall 2024.

Following is a breakdown of sports by campus beginning fall 2023:


Baseball, esports (coed), men’s and women’s golf, rodeo (coed), men’s and women’s soccer, softball, trap (coed), men’s and women’s wrestling.


Men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, esports (coed), men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s track and field.


Esports (coed), men’s and women’s volleyball.

Esports is currently a student club at each campus. Beginning fall 2023, it will continue to be a student club, but also compete at the NJCAA level.

Trap also is a current student club at the Beatrice Campus that will begin competing at the NJCAA level next fall. The team has been using, and will continue to use, Beatrice Gun Club for its practices and home competitions.

Bright said with the relocation and addition of sports comes facility renovations and improvements.

“We’re renovating the area around the gymnasium on the Lincoln Campus, looking to add locker rooms and things of that nature,” he said. “The facilities we already have in Beatrice and Milford will take care of what we need for sports at those locations. We’ll always do some renovations in locker rooms and things like that because different athletics need different types of accommodations.”

Bright said the College is in the process of locating facilities in Lincoln to accommodate tennis and track and field.

Coaches for men’s and women’s wrestling have already been hired. Terry Pack will coach men’s wrestling, and Anthonie Linares will coach women’s wrestling. Since early November, there has already been a handful of commitments for men’s and women’s wrestling.

Prospective athletes who are interested in participating need to fill out an Athletic Prospect Form.

Stu Osterthun
Administrative Director, Marketing & Communications