Share Your Story: Rebecca Christ

Program of Study: Practical Nursing 2015, 2019
Campus Location: Beatrice

Sometimes you know early on what you want your career path to look like. That is the case for Rebecca Christ as she always knew she wanted to be a nurse. She thinks her interest was sparked when she helped take care of her disabled grandmother who lived with her family for most of her childhood. She enrolled in the SCC Practical Nursing program, graduating in 2015 with her associate degree.

“My career started in long-term care facilities as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), which I absolutely loved and continued to do for 10 years,” Christ said. “From there I obtained my Medication Aide (credential)through SCC and worked at several assisted living facilities, continuing my love for the geriatric population. After graduating from the Practical Nursing program, I worked at Madonna.”

While Christ had practical experience before enrolling at SCC, she felt the state-of-the-art technology in the classrooms and the hands-on experience at inpatient and outpatient sites was valuable training. Instructors Lori Crawford and Jarie Sones were instrumental in her academic success.

“Having a smaller class is one thing that stands out about my time at SCC,” she said. “I felt like the professors and clinical instructors were able to build a stronger relationship with their students, and they got to know us each individually.”

In her spare time, Christ spends time with her husband and their six children. They like to travel, go fishing and wakeboarding. She is very proud of her step-daughter, who enrolled at SCC in the nursing program. She wants to work as a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse, which was inspired by her little twin sisters.

Jennifer Snyder
Communications Specialist