Institutional Research

Institutional Research at SCC

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) exists to support SCC’s Vision statement to “utilize valid and dynamic data to respond to local and statewide needs to strengthen the College’s diverse communities and economies”. The Mission of the IR office is to promote, coordinate and practice the effective use of valid and reliable data for decision making. To that end, this site is intended to provide transparent information and vital resources about SCC to our internal SCC community, our current and future students as well as the community at large. This site includes:

  • Information about the office and our staff members
  • A fact book for standard reporting
  • A collection of data and reports that are prepared either by IR staff or externally about the College
  • Information about the surveys administered and their results
  • Information about the strategic planning efforts of the College
  • Annual Graduate Report as well as information about the methodologies used to gather the post-graduate student achievement data contained in the report
  • A collection of external links related to IR, higher education, the display of data, and other best practices

Contact Us

To request data, survey assistance, information or a consultation with the IR team, please complete this form.

If you would like to do research at SCC, please review the research request procedures for the College in this document (PDF) and then complete this form.

For any additional questions, you can reach the IR team by emailing us at