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k9 bio-care studentsA few others and I from the Biotechnology program at SCC had an amazing opportunity to tour MatMaCorp and hear about the company. MatMaCorp is a special place because it makes almost everything in-house, from 3-D printing the outside of diagnostic at-home tests to freeze-drying reagents and enzymes to have a long shelf life and testing all the at-home tests to bring to market. We then toured the QC lab, which makes sure that all parts of the production process are up to code.

Touring MatMa Corp - Lincoln

K9 bio-care group of studentsAfter touring the QC lab, we met an engineer who oversaw the designing and programming of the inner components of the at-home tests. It’s hard to put into words what happens in the engineering lab, but lots of time 3-D printing cases for the at-home tests. I would like to thank the SCC Biotechnology program for taking me on this tour. It was an amazing experience and one that has added gas to my flame for furthering my education in the Biotech industry. I would also like to thank the team at MatMaCorp for taking us in and showing us around. - Hunter Novacek, SCC student

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