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     Biotechnology Concentration.
    Biotechnology Concentration. 
    Academic Transfer.
    Transitioning - From SCC
    SCC has articulation agreements with many 4-year colleges and universities.
     Dalton Academic Transfer
    Dalton Academic Transfer 
    Academic Transfer.
    Transitioning - From SCC
    SCC has articulation agreements with many 4-year colleges and universities.

Academic Transfer

  •  Estimated Cost: $7,960

    Program Length: 4 semesters

    Locations: Beatrice / Lincoln / Milford / Online / ESQ

    Start Term(s): Fall / Spring / Summer

    Awards Offered: AA / AS

    Program Description

    If your ultimate goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree, then the Academic Transfer program is a great place to start your path to possible. Whether you plan to major in accounting, zoology, or anything in between, our advisors will help you develop an academic plan to match your career goals.

    We offer the Associate of Arts degree if you plan to complete the first two years of a bachelor's degree in business, education, humanities, social science or social work. The Associate of Science degree option is for you if you plan to complete the first two years of a bachelor's degree in engineering, science or mathematics.

    Our Academic Transfer program is the right fit for you if you:

    • want to transfer to pursue a bachelor’s degree
    • have the ability to think critically and openly about opposing viewpoints
    • have strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
    • use critical reading skills to effectively analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information and ideas from diverse sources and disciplines
    • use quantitative reasoning skills to solve problems and make effective decisions
    • have a desire to learn about diverse values and worldviews by recognizing interconnections between ideas and fields of knowledge

    Our Academic Transfer program is perfect place to start your path to possible whether you plan to transfer a few credits or the equivalent of two full years in a four-year institution. You can start the Academic Transfer program in the Fall, Spring or Summer terms. Follow these steps to finish your application:

    1. Want to learn more about SCC? Come see how SCC will help you achieve Your Path to Possible! Schedule a campus visit!
    2. Need help exploring career opportunities or navigating the admissions process? Schedule an appointment with an Admissions Counselor.
    3. Ready to apply? Complete an Application for Admission.
    4. Submit ACT, SAT, Next Generation Accuplacer, or Accuplacer test scores (reading and math) or official college transcripts showing completion of post-secondary coursework in English and math to the Admissions Office at any SCC location.

    If you are interested in a Health Science program, you will want to read the Health Science program information admission requirements.

    Make the most of your time at SCC by researching your future school or program. You should understand the course requirements for your future program to save you time and money. You will want to know the following before you transfer:

    • Which courses and prerequisite courses you can take at SCC.
    • How many credit hours you can transfer into the program.
    • All of the admissions requirements for the college including program specific requirements.
    • Application deadlines, fees and enrollment deposits for your future school.
    • The tuition and fees at you future school and the available financial assistance and scholarships.
    • On-campus resources and services available for transfer students.

    The Academic Transfer program prepares you to continue academically at a four-year college or university. As an academic transfer, you can get a bachelors degree in one of the following:

    • Agriculture
    • Art
    • Biology
    • Biotechnology
    • Business
    • Criminal Justice
    • Education
    • English
    • Geography
    • Humanities
    • History
    • Journalism
    • Language Studies
    • Mathematics
    • Music
    • Pre-professional Health Programs
    • Photography
    • Physical Science
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Theatre
    Southeast Community College is a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement Institution. As a State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement Institution, we are unable to offer online or distance courses to students in the following states/areas: California and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.


    Beatrice Campus

    Betsy Anderson, College Advisor
    Text: 402-277-8721

    Milford Campus

    Kevin Forch, College Advisor

    Lincoln Campus

    Lindsey Berlowitz, College Advisor
    (Students with last name S-Z)

    Jina Byarlay, College Advisor
    (Students with last name N-R)
    Text: 402-413-0202

    Becky Kramer, College Advisor
    (Students with last name A-G)

    Michele Richards, College Advisor
    (Students with last name H-M)


    Steven Bassett, Science Chair
    Lincoln Campus
    800-642-4075 ext. 2487

    Sheri Blok, Humanities Chair
    Lincoln Campus
    800-642-4075 ext. 3455

    Rebecca Burt, Science & Math Chair
    Beatrice Campus
    402-228-8227 ext. 1227
    800-233-5027 ext. 1227

    Carrie Campbell, Developmental Math Chair
    Lincoln Campus
    800-642-4075 ext. 2344

    Nicole Trevena Flores, Social Science Chair
    Lincoln Campus
    800-642-4075 ext. 2886

    Sandeep Holay, Math Chair
    Lincoln Campus
    800-642-4075 ext. 3444

    Ken Hoppmann, Humanities Chair
    Beatrice Campus
    800-233-5027 ext. 1266

    Jeanine Jewell, English Co-Chair
    Lincoln Campus
    800-642-4075 ext. 2480

    Dan Johnson, Social Studies Chair
    Beatrice Campus
    800-233-5027 ext. 1232

    Kate Loden, Academic Transfer Chair
    Milford Campus
    800-933-7223 ext. 8283

    Phip Ross, English Co-Chair
    Lincoln Campus
    800-642-4075 ext. 2808

    Nick Salestrom, English Chair
    Beatrice Campus
    402-228-3468 ext. 1399
    800-233-5027 ext. 1399


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