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  •  Biotechnology Careers.
    Biotechnology Careers. 
    Biotechnology careers.
    That's right! Ninety-three percent of SCC's 2022 graduates found work or continued their education.
    Graduate Report
    Biotechnology careers.
    That's right! Ninety-three percent of SCC's 2022 graduates found work or continued their education.
    Graduate Report


  •  Estimated Cost: $10,048

    Program Length: 2-4 semesters

    Locations: Beatrice (Select Courses) / Lincoln / Milford (Select Courses) / Learning Centers (Select Courses)

    Start Term(s): Fall / Spring / Summer

    Awards Offered: AS / Cert / Diploma

    Program Description

    If you love science, have an inquisitive mind and a desire to solve biological problems, our Biotechnology program is perfect for you! We are the only college in Nebraska offering this unique program which gives you the skills to put you ahead of your peers in the industry. We will teach you the basics, help you complete your credential, and prepare you for an advanced career in academic, government and industry laboratories or an advanced degree at a four-year college in one of the STEM fields.

    Our program offers you a hands-on learning experience which culminates in an industry practicum. In your practicum, you will directly apply the skills you learned in a real-world business environment as a productive team member.

    Student entering this program may qualify for the STEM CONNECT scholarship. Applications are currently being accepted. Learn more.

    Biotechnology uses cells, DNA, and/or proteins to solve problems and make life better. We develop everything from medicines and vaccines to renewable biofuels to biodegradable plastics to making food more nutritious. We will train you in the following skills to be successful:

    • Laboratory safety
    • Documentation
    • Solution preparation
    • Micropipetting
    • DNA manipulation and analysis
    • Expression and purification of proteins
    • Enzyme and antibody assays
    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Communication
    • Teamwork

    Take the next steps to enroll in our Biotechnology program. They include:

    1. Schedule a campus visit to see how we can take you on Your Path to Possible.
    2. Schedule an appointment with an Admissions Counselor to navigate the admissions process and explore career options.
    3. Ready to apply? Complete an Application for Admission.
    4. Submit ACT, SAT, Next Generation Accuplacer, or Accuplacer test scores (reading and math) or official college transcripts showing completion of any post-secondary coursework to the Admissions Office at any SCC location.

    We will prepare you to work in a regulated environment in a variety of roles, including:

    • Cell Culture Technician
    • Laboratory Assistant
    • Research Assistant
    • Animal Laboratory Technologist
    • Quality Control Analyst
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service Representative

    Recent SCC graduates report an average starting annual salary of $25,792.

      Tracy Niday, Program Co-Chair

      Misty Wehling, Program Co-Chair

      You will learn current and emerging technologies in the biotechnology industry and obtain hands-on lab experience. The knowledge and skills gained emphasize the crucial steps in making a biotechnology product from research and development to manufacturing and finally formulation and marketing the product. You will have the opportunity to learn important lab techniques, experimental design, how to ensure the quality of experimental data, and use software to analyze and interpret their results.

      In addition, you will have a unique practicum experience at a local company to directly apply your lab technical skills and important soft skills like critical thinking, adaptability, and written and verbal communication. Students who have completed the biotechnology courses and practicum have been promoted to higher level positions within their place of employment.


      The Biotechnology Diploma is a continuation of the Biotechnology Certificate that allows students to continue gaining skills in important molecular biology lab techniques that are the foundation for important biotechnologies in our community. You will also complete a practicum at a local company. The Diploma is ideal for students who want more advanced training and an experience of working in the biotechnology industry. If students choose to transfer, all of these courses transfer to local four year institutions as either a degree requirement or science elective for several STEM majors.


      The Biotechnology certificate contains all of the core biotechnology courses and an additional chemistry course with the goal of giving students a strong conceptual and lab skill set in biotechnology. This is ideal for students who want to enter the local biotechnology workforce on a shorter time scale with the necessary skill set to be a productive and successful employee and team member. This would also be ideal for students who have a Bachelor’s of Science degree already, but would like to add biotechnology industry knowledge and lab skills to their resume to make them a more competitive candidate.

      With this Biotechnology Certificate students would have the skills necessary to get an entry level position at a biotechnology company. If students choose to transfer, all four of these courses transfer to local four year institutions as either a degree requirement or science elective for several STEM majors.

      The Biotechnology Certificate is eligible for GAP tuition assistance.


      For more information about the post-graduation achievements of SCC Graduates as well as average starting salaries, refer to the annual Graduate Report.

      For information about the methodologies used to gather the post-graduation student achievement data contained in the annual Graduate Report, refer to the Institutional Research page or contact ir@southeast.edu.