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Smart Drivers

  • SCC offers classes for those with licensing issues.

    Smart Drivers: Certified by the DMV classes are designed to apply fundamental traffic law in the avoidance of traffic conflicts and future licensing problems. All Smart Driver classes will be held on a SCC campus from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for one Saturday unless otherwise noted.

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    • Smart Drivers - Lincoln, NE or Online through Zoom (September-December 2020)

    The Smart Driver class can be applied toward:

    • Under age 21, six-point accumulation:
      Drivers under the age of 21 who accumulate traffic violations totaling six-points are required to complete a certified eight-hour driver improvement course or face suspension of the driving privilege.  
    • Reinstatement of point revocation:
      Any person who loses their license under the Nebraska point system is required to complete a certified eight-hour improvement course prior to reinstating the driver's license.  
    • Employment driving permit:
      Completion of a certified eight-hour driver improvement course is required within 60 days of when the permit is issued.  
    • Two-point credit to your driving record:
      Completion of a certified eight-hour driver improvement course will credit two points toward traffic violations assessed against your driving record. Credit does not apply toward traffic violations (points) that are assessed after the date you complete the course, violations (points) will be assessed by date of the occurrence, NOT the court conviction date. You must have fewer than 12 points assessed against your driving record. A two-point credit is allowed only once within a five-year period.

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