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High School Student Programs

  • Southeast Community College is proud to offer dual credit opportunities to high school students to get a jump start on their post-secondary college endeavors and explore career opportunities while still in high school.

    Through either the DC Advantage or Career Academies high school programs, students can earn both high school and college credit.  There are several courses offered on a semester schedule and run in either a 10 or 16 week format.

    View the calendar.

    DC Advantage and Career Academy courses are offered in a variety of formats: Online, Fiber/Distance Learning, or Face to Face with a certified dual credit Southeast Community College adjunct or high school Partnership Instructor. Some courses require a prerequisite or appropriate placement score on the ACT or COMPASS. (our scores)

    Credits earned in our programs can be transferred to Southeast Community College or another university or college of the high school students’ choice.   To find out how credits transfer visit our Transferring Credits Guide.

    Classes begin at the beginning of August and January of every year. To register for courses contact your high school counselor, Erin May or Cheryl Parks.

  • Contacts

    Dr. Randy Nelson

    SENCAP Director

    Tel: 402-323-3425

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Ext: 3425

    Erin May

    Asst. Director of Career Academies & Dual Credit


    Tel: 402-437-2859

    Toll Free: 1-800-642-4075

    Ext: 2859

    Cheryl Parks

    Asst. Director of Career Academies & Dual Credit


    Tel: 402-228-3468

    Toll Free: 800-233-5027

    Ext: 1320