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Registration and Records

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    Download credit class paper registration form to mail or fax
    Download non-credit/continuing education class paper registration form to mail or fax in
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    Registration Procedures:

    Declared Students 
    It is recommended that prior to registration, students consult with their program advisors. Registration dates are published and available in the Student Services Office prior to each registration period. Declared students are assigned priority registration dates and times based on completed credit hours at SCC. A schedule of these times and dates is listed on the back page of the printed Credit class Schedule each term. Students are encouraged to register online using The Hub.
    It is each student's responsibility to become familiar with registration schedules, deadlines, completion of registration forms, and required signatures. 

    Undeclared Students
    Students may take courses at the College in an undeclared status. There are two categories of undeclared students:
    1. Those waiting acceptance into a program of study, and
    2. Those not planning to pursue a program of study but who are taking credit classes for transfer, job advancement or other purposes.
    Undeclared students may register for classes during open registration. College staff are available for assistance. Online registration is available for first time undeclared students who complete the "Request Form for Undeclared Student Username" form found online or in the Credit Class Schedule at least 10 days prior to general registration.
    Undeclared students may not register for more than 20 credits in a term unless permission is granted by the Dean of Student Services.


    Dropping a Credit Class

    Students may initiate a drop from a class, prior to the deadline for dropping classes.
    To drop a class, a student must:
    Submit an "Official Drop/Add Form For Credit Classes" to the Registration and Records Office, located in the Student Services Office.
    ----  Or-------
    Drop the class online.

    Dropping a Non-Credit Continuing Education Class

    Drops can be performed on-line or in-person or via phone with the Continuing Education division. The student is entitled to a 100% refund for any non-credit class if the class is dropped the day before class begins. If a student drops a class the day class begins or after, there will be no refund.

    "No-Show" Students
    Failure to attend classes does not constitute a drop. Students must submit an official drop form prior to the refund deadline to be eligible for a tuition refund. Failure to attend classes does not absolve the student from making complete payment for all tuition and fees associated with the student's registration.
    Specific drop/add dates for each term are included in the class schedule.
    1. Under federal rules, the College cannot pay financial aid to students who never attend class. Financial aid will not be distributed to students who have been reported as never having attended class ("No Show" Students).
    2. "No Show" students will be billed and held responsible for full payment of tuition and fees for classes they do not drop within the designated refund period.
    3. "No Show" students will be removed from the class rosters and no grade will appear on a student's transcript.
      Failure to attend classes does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. "No Show" students will be billed and held responsible for full payment of tuition and fees for the classes they do not drop [within the designated refund period].
  • Terms

    Term Start Date End Date
    Spring Quarter 2015 Apr. 1 June 11
    Summer Quarter 2015 July 14 Sept. 23
    Fall Quarter 2015 Oct. 5 Dec. 17
    Winter Quarter 2016 Jan. 6 Mar. 17
    Spring Quarter 2016 Mar. 30 June 9
    Please see the calendar for other important dates.