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Student Affairs

  • We're with you every step of the way!

    We desire to provide student support services that maximize your success and development through responsive customer service in a caring, positive environment.

    The mission of:

    • Admissions is to promote the College by providing information to external constituents about enrollment opportunities and program options
    • Career Advising is to provide a variety of support services such as advising and planning and special academic support services for students and community members to reach their career, educational, and employment goals
    • College Bookstores are located on each campus and online providing a full range of new and used books, supplies, educational aids, gift items and personal items
    • Financial Aid services is to ensure that no eligible individual is denied access to education because they lack the financial resources to pay their education costs
    • Intercollegiate Athletics is to enhance student's lifetime wellness, fitness, skills, and abilities by providing educational, recreational and competitive programs
    • Housing is to provide leadership and support for secure, clean, well-maintained residential facilities for students
    • Placement is to provide high-quality services to students and alumni that are directed at exploring and developing employment opportunities
    • Registration and Records is to provide high-quality services and support to enrolled and prospective students in a friendly, customer-focused environment
    • Student Retention is to work in partnership with faculty, staff and administrators in the development and implementation of student-centered programs and services that provide quality educational/learning experiences that result in student retention
    • Student Activities on each campus is to promote student involvement by providing social, cultural, recreation, community, and educational programs and activities that complement/enhance/develop the students' overall educational experiences and life-long skills
  • Contacts

    Beatrice Campus

    Tel: 402-228-8210

    Toll Free: 800-233-5027

    Ext: 1210

    Fax: 402-228-2218

    Lincoln Campus

    Tel: 402-437-2799

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Ext: 2799

    Fax: 402-437-2404

    Milford Campus

    Tel: 402-761-8243

    Toll Free: 800-933-7223

    Ext: 8243

    Fax: 402-761-2324

    Beatrice Campus
    402-228-8210 Ext: 1210
    800-233-5027 Ext: 1210
    Fax: 402-228-2218
    Lincoln Campus
    402-437-2799 Ext: 2799
    800-642-4075 Ext: 2799
    Fax: 402-437-2404
    Milford Campus
    402-761-8243 Ext: 8243
    800-933-7223 Ext: 8243
    Fax: 402-761-2324