COVID-19 Update: Welcome to SCC! On-site face-to-face credit classes and labs are being held at all SCC locations. Stay safe!
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Student Affairs

  • We're with you every step of the way!

    We desire to provide student support services that maximize your success and development through responsive customer service in a caring, positive environment.

    The mission of:

    • Student Affairs & Support is to work in partnership with faculty, staff and administrators in the development and implementation of student-centered programs and services that provide quality educational/learning experiences that result in student retention.
    • Tutoring is a free supportive service available to all students in all subject areas.
    • Career Services is to provide high-quality services to students and alumni that are directed at exploring employment opportunities.
    • Student Accommodations Resource Office is to ensure that all that students with disabilities have equal access to pursue their educational goals, while encouraging advocacy and independence, and promoting a welcoming and accessible College community.
    • Safety & Security is to provide campus security and safety services that enhance and support the Strategic Plan of Southeast Community College.
    • Registration and Records is to provide high-quality services and support to enrolled and prospective students in a friendly, customer-focused environment.
    • Student Code of Conduct is to provide students with clear expectations of conduct; consistent processes when expectations are not met; and interventions and programming that promotes the development of moral and social growth as well as ethical decision-making skills.
    • Campus Assessment, Response, Evaluation (CAREs) Team is to provide a safe environment for the College community through coordinated analysis and risk assessment of student cases, collaboration across the campuses, information collection, and intervention.