Policy and Procedures

This website includes all College-wide Board Policy and Administrative Procedures. All policies and procedures are reviewed on a five-year cycle, or more frequently as needed. If you have a suggestion for revision of a current policy or procedure or the creation of a new policy or procedure, please use the links to the left to submit your request. All requests will be considered by a policy/procedure review committee and subsequently the Administrative Team to determine if they are in the interest of Southeast Community College at large, as well as our employees, students and the communities we serve.

The mission of Southeast Community College is to empower and transform the diverse learners and communities of southeast Nebraska through accessible lifelong educational opportunities. The College provides dynamic and responsive pathways to career and technical, academic transfer, and continuing education programs that contribute to personal, community, and workforce development.

Southeast Community College seeks to transform and empower its diverse learners for fulfilling careers, life-long learning, and community and societal advancement. The College is committed to ongoing intellectual, financial, and strategic investment in its infrastructure and all phases of its operations.

The College is dedicated to creating destinations and the highest quality learning climates through permanent, innovative, modern, virtually linked, sustainable, and collaborative facilities and green spaces. SCC will ensure its open-access mission is celebrated and realized through inclusivity, respect, and compassion toward the diverse views and ideas of its various student populations and constituents. The College will work collaboratively and courageously with its higher education partners, employers, and local and state officials to address Nebraska’s skilled worker shortage and the need for everyone to have affordable access to the life-changing benefits of higher education. SCC will utilize valid and dynamic data to respond to local and statewide needs to strengthen the College’s diverse communities and economies.

SCC strives to be a national leader in developing high-contact technical and academic experiences through personal and sincere relationships with engaged and invested faculty, staff, and administrators. These personal connections will be coupled with intensive learning opportunities through co-curricular involvement, research, volunteerism, and public service. SCC’s commitment to student transformation intentionally encompasses the development of essential life skills, including reflective thinking, resiliency, and emotional intelligence proficiency.


Excellence - Commitment to the highest level of performance in all facets of the College’s programs, services, and operations through effective investment and support of all assets.

Integrity - Continuous pursuit of fulfillment of mission and goals through transparency and ethical practices in all College operations.

Innovation - Commitment to inquiry and the respectful challenging of assumptions to promote creativity, alternative points of view, and opportunities for ongoing discovery.

Inclusion - Promotion of opportunities and advancement for a diverse and dynamic student, faculty/staff, and community population through the creation of a positive, compassionate, and reflective culture.

Stewardship and Accountability - Commitment to investment in appropriate resources in fulfillment of the College’s mission and goals and reliance on responsible management of human, physical, and financial resources.

12.5.23 - Updated A-7 Policy Board Meetings - Regular

12.5.23 - Updated A-8 Policy Board Meetings - Special

12.5.23 - Updated A-9 Policy Board Meetings - Closed Sessions Executive Sessions

12.5.23 - Updated A-9a Procedure Board Meetings - Closed Sessions Executive Sessions

12.5.23 - Updated A-10 Policy Legal Counsel

12.5.23 - Updated A-11 Policy Compensation

12.5.23 - Updated A-11a Procedure Expense Reimbursement

12.5.23 - Updated A-12 Policy Conflict of Interest

12.5.23 - Updated C-10a Procedure Prior Learning Assesments

12.5.23 - Updated C-10 Policy_Prior Learning Assessments

12.5.23 - Added C-9b Procedure Institutional Tuition Waiver Scholarships

12.5.23 - Added A-25 Policy Public Comment

12.5.23 - Added A-25a Procedure Rights of the Public

11.6.23 - A-6b Procedure - General Duties - Job Description - Board of Governors

11.6.23 - A-6a Procedure Specific Duties and Powers

11.6.23 - A-6 Policy General Duties and Powers

11.6.23 - A-5 Policy Board Organization - Procedures

11.6.23 - A-4 Policy Non-Voting Representatives

11.6.23 - A-3 Policy Election Oversight

11.6.23 - Revised A-2 Policy Statutory Mission

11.6.23 - Revised A-1 Policy Philosophy

11.6.23 - Revised D-10a Procedure Employee Expense Reimbursement

10.23.23 - Added Procedure D-10b Procedure Student Expense Reimbursement

10.23.23 - Updated Procedure D-10a Procedure Employee Expense Reimbursement

10.18.23 - Updated Policy C-3 Policy Student Affairs

07.25.23 – C-3b Procedure Graduation Requirements added

06.14.23 - Updated Procedures C-10a and C-16a in Educational Services | Board of Governors (Section C)

06.12.23 - Updated B-4a Procedure Policy-Procedure Development-Revision (PDF) | Administration/Management (Section B)

03.21.23 - Updated All policies and procedures | Policies and Procedures (Above Sections)

03.21.23 - Updated Procedure B-2a Procedure College Organization | Administration/Management (Section B)

03.21.23 - Updated Policy B-2 Policy College Organization | Administration/Management (Section B)

12.15.22 - Updated Policies C-1 through C-5 in Educational Services | Board of Governors (Section C)

12.15.22 - Entire Section D: Revised Administration/Management Policy Section | Board of Governors (Section D)

12.15.22 - Entire Section E: Revised Administration/Management Policy Section | Board of Governors (Section E)

12.05.22 – C-3a PROCEDURE Student Affairs added

11.15.22 – C-16a PROCEDURE Transfer of Credit added

11.15.22 – C-16 POLICY Transfer of Credit added

11.15.22 – C-15a PROCEDURE Institutional Articulation added

11.15.22 – C-15 POLICY Institutional Articulation added

10.21.22 – C-5a PROCEDURE Student Affairs added

10.21.22 - Entire Section D: Revised Administration/Management Policy Section | Admin Team (Section D)

10.21.22 - Entire Section E: Revised Administration/Management Policy Section | Admin Team (Section E)

9.28.22 – B-1 Policy President revised

9.28.22 – B-1a Procedure President removed

9.28.22 – B-6 Policy Shared Governance added

9.28.22 – B-6a Procedure Shared Governance added

9.28.22 – C-14 Policy Program added

9.28.22 – C-14a Procedure Program added

9.8.22 – A-23 Policy Strategic Plan added

9.8.22 – A-23a Procedure Strategic Plan added

9.8.22 – B-5 Policy Additional Locations added

9.8.22 – B-5a Procedure Additional Locations added

9.8.22 – C-10 Policy Prior Learning Assessments added

9.8.22 – C-10a Procedure Prior Learning Assessments added

9.8.22 – C-11 Policy Consortia added

9.8.22 – C-11a Procedure Consortia added

9.8.22 – C-12 Policy Changes to Existing Programs added

9.8.22 – C-12a Procedure Changes to Existing Programs added

9.8.22 – C-13 Policy Academic Program Development added

9.8.22 – C-13a Procedure Academic Program Development added

8.8.22 – A-24 Policy Filling Vacancies on the Board of Governors added

7.29.22 – A-3 Policy Election Oversight added

7.29.22 – C-9 Policy Tuition and Fee added

7.29.22 – C-9a Procedure Tuition and Fees added

7.29.22 – C-8 Policy Credit Hour added

7.29.22 – C-8a Procedure Credit Hour added

5.25.22 – C-7a Procedure Consumer Information added

5.25.22 – C-7 Policy Consumer Information added

5.25.22 – B-2a Procedure College Organization revised

3.21.22 – C-6a Procedure on Assessment added

3.21.22 – C-6 Policy on Assessment added

1.1.22 – A-2a College Mission Statement

8.1.21 – Procedure E-3i (19) Employee Benefit – Tuition Waiver

7.1.21 – Procedure E-3i (7) Employee Benefit – Vacation Leave

4.1.21 – Procedure E-8f Worker’s Compensation moved & renamed from Personnel Section E to Fiscal Management Section D

3.29.21 – Procedure A-13a Revised Procedure on Use of College Facilities Use | Admin Team

9.16.20 – Procedures E-3d(1-5) moved & renamed from Personnel Section E to Fiscal Management Section D

9.14.20 – A-18a Revised Procedure on Information Technology | Admin Team

7.27.20 – E-3i(25)-18b Revised Procedure on Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) | Admin Team

5.19.20 - Entire Section B: Revised Administration/Management Policy Section | Board of Governors

5.18.20 - Entire Section B: Revised Administration/Management Procedure Section | Admin Team

1.27.20 - A-18b New Procedure on Cyber Security | Admin Team

1.21.20 - Entire Section A: Revised Board of Governors Policy Section | Board of Governors

Policies and Procedures

A-1 Policy Philosophy (PDF)
A-2 Policy Statutory Mission (PDF)
A-2a College Mission Statement (PDF)
A-3 Policy Election Oversight (PDF)  
A-4 Policy Non-voting Representatives (PDF)
A-5 Policy Board Organization-Procedures (PDF)
A-6 Policy General Duties & Powers (PDF)
A-6a Procedure Specific Duties & Powers (PDF)
  A-6b Procedure General Duties- Job Description - BOG (PDF)
A-7 Policy Board Meetings-Regular (PDF)
A-8 Policy Board Meetings-Special (PDF)
A-9 Policy Board Meetings-Closed Sessions (Executive Sessions) (PDF)
A-9a EXHIBIT Board Meetings- Closed Sessions ( Executive Sessions) (PDF)
A-10 Policy Legal Counsel (PDF)
A-11 Policy Compensation (PDF)
A-11a Procedure Expense Reimbursement (PDF)
  A-11b Procedure Health Insurance - Board Members (PDF)
A-12 Policy Conflict of Interest (PDF)
A-12a Procedure Conflict of Interest (PDF)
A-13 Policy Use of College Facilities (PDF)
A-13a Procedure College Facilities Use (PDF)
A-14 Policy Equal Opportunity - Non-Discrimination - Admission (PDF)
A-15 Policy Equal Opportunity - Non-Discrimination - Employment (PDF)
A-16 Policy Access -  Employment & Admission (PDF)
A-17 Policy Diversity Education (PDF)
A-17a Procedure Diversity (PDF)
A-18 Policy Use of Technology (PDF)
A-18a Procedure Information Technology (PDF)
  A-18b Procedure Cyber Security (PDF)
A-19 Policy Standards of Conduct (PDF)
A-19a Procedure Standards of Conduct (PDF)
A-20 Policy Intellectual Property (PDF)
A-21 Policy Firearms, Weapons & Dangerous Weapons Prohibited (PDF)
A-22 Policy Naming of College Facilities (PDF)
A-23 Policy Strategic Plan (PDF) A-23a Procedure Strategic Plan (PDF)
A-24 Policy Filling Vacancies on the Board of Governors (PDF)  
A-25 Policy Public Comment (PDF) A-25a Procedure Rights of the Public (PDF)

Disclaimer (PDF)  
Definitions (PDF)  
E-1 Policy Personnel Governance (PDF) E-1a Procedure Coordinating Responsibilities (PDF)
E-2 Policy Employment (PDF) E-2a Procedure Hiring Processes & Procedures (PDF)
  E-2b Procedure New Employee Orientation (PDF)
  E-2c Procedure Calendars, Work Locations, Work Schedules (PDF)
  E-2d Procedure Assignment of Work & Reclassification (PDF)
E-3 Policy Background Checks (PDF) E-3a Procedure Background Check Process (PDF)
E-4 Policy Benefits (PDF) E-4a Procedure Benefits Administration & Processes (PDF)
E-5 Policy Retirement and Savings Plan (PDF)  
E-6 Policy Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct (PDF)  
E-7 Policy Employee Expectations, Supervisor Expectations, Conflicts of Interest, & Outside Employment (PDF) E-7a Procedure Conflicts of Interest – Administration/Management (PDF)
E-8 Policy Motor Vehicle Safety (PDF) E-8a Procedure Motor Vehicle Safety Guidelines (PDF)
E-9 Policy Drug and Substance Abuse and Use (PDF)  
E-10 Policy Notification of Arrest, Criminal Charges, Licensure, Child Abuse Complaints, and Sex Offender Registry (PDF)  
E-11 Policy Workplace Relationships (PDF)  
E-12 Policy Performance Management-Non-Instructional Employees (PDF) E-12a Procedure Performance Management-Non-Instructional Employees (PDF)
  E-12b Procedure Performance Management-Faculty Evaluations (PDF)
  E-12c Procedure Employee Performance Review Forms (PDF)
E-13 Policy Professional Development (PDF)  
E-14 Policy Access, Equity, & Diversity Training (PDF)  
E-15 Policy Safety Training (PDF)  
E-16 Policy Personnel Files & Workplace Privacy (PDF)  
E-17 Policy Welfare, Infectious Diseases (PDF)  
E-18 Policy Title IX, Anti-discrimination, Anti-harassment, and Anti-retaliation (PDF) E-18a Procedure Title IX, Anti-discrimination, Anti-harassment, and Anti-retaliation (PDF)
E-19 Policy Concern/Complaint Resolution (PDF) E-19a Procedure Concern/Complaint Resolution Process (PDF)
E-20 Policy Separation of Employment (PDF) E-20a Procedure Reduction in Force_Non-Faculty (PDF)
  E-20b Procedure Resignation/Retirement (PDF)
  E-20c Procedure Employee Death (PDF)
  E-20d Procedure Exit Procedures (PDF)