Program Goals - Medical Laboratory Technology

At completion of the Medical Laboratory Technology program, the medical laboratory technician will:

  1. Perform routine clinical laboratory tests (such as hematology, clinical chemistry, immunohematology, microbiology, serology/immunology, coagulation, molecular and other emerging diagnostics) as the primary analyst making specimen oriented decisions on predetermined criteria, including a working knowledge of critical values.
  2. Possess communication skills which extend to frequent interactions with members of the healthcare team, external relations, customer service and patient education.
  3. Recognize and perform diverse functions in areas of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical processes.
  4. Recognize and perform responsibilities for information processing, training and quality control monitoring.
  5. Recognize the significance of accurate and reliable data when performing testing procedures in the clinical laboratory. and quality control monitoring.
  6. Possess the knowledge and skills appropriate to successfully pass a national certifying examination for Medical Laboratory Technicians.
  7. Develop the ability to assess his/her competencies and achievements through periodic evaluation processes.