Co-Parenting: Working Together for Your Children

Co-Parenting: Working Together for Your Children

This workshop meets the requirements of the Nebraska Parenting Act.

This workshop has been developed and approved by the Supreme Court office of Dispute Resolution, on behalf of the State Court Administrator, to educate parties about the impact of pending court action on children.

Included in this course are the following topic areas that meet the requirements of the Nebraska Parenting Act (LB554):

  • stages of adjustment for parents
  • family parenting plan
  • stages of adjustment and their implications for children
  • transitioning between parental homes
  • recognition and management of stress
  • communication skills regarding conflict resolution

ssc Online Course

You must register online.

This course is delivered entirely online and facilitated by SCC faculty.

Students will need:

      • Computer with high-speed internet connection.
      • Firefox or Chrome browser recommended.
      • You cannot access the course using an iPad or Droid tablet.
      • Speaker/sound capability.
      • Working knowledge of computer and internet experience.
      • Three hours minimum to complete the course.
      • Sliding fee/waiver not available.

Written completion letter will be mailed (U.S. postal service) to student at the successful completion of the course. It will be mailed to the address on the student’s registration information.

Cancellation Policy for the Online Co-Parenting Class

This class cannot be dropped online. Drops will be processed in person at the Continuing Education office, 301 S. 68th St. Place, Lincoln, or by calling 402‑437‑2700.

Cost: $49 per person
Course Number: LLLX-2400-WBUZ

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