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    • Small Boat Sailing: Image  

      Small Boat Sailing

      This class will be a treat. Be prepared to learn and discover the joys of small boat sailing.

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    • Fair-Isle Knitting Image  

      Fair-Isle Knitting

      Working with more than one color of yarn is not as difficult as you might think. Discover how.

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    • JessieLaCrossSpot  

      Jessie LaCross

      Jessie is a firm believer in lifelong learning.

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    • Tiles, Zentangle™ Renaissance Tiles, & Zendala  

      Zentangle™, Zentangle™ Black Tiles, Zentangle™ Renaissance Tiles, & Zendala

      Create beautiful images using repeated strokes. Give this a try!

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    • Home Gardening Spring 2015  

      Landscape Design for the Home Gardener

      Spring is right around the corner! Get your plans in mind now for what you want to do in your landscape the minute the weather turns warm.

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    • Paper Paintings with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson  

      Paper Paintings with Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

      Artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson will be sharing her talents as she teaches a paper paintings collage workshop. This workshop is jam packed with techniques that you won’t want to miss. We are very lucky to have Elizabeth come to the Midwest.

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    • Backyard Chickens 101 Image  

      Backyard Chickens 101

      Cluck Cluck, you’re in luck! Coming soon . . . a class on backyard chickens. Come and hear the good and the bad about raising backyard chickens.

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    • CindyMeyerSpot  

      Cindy Meyer

      Continuing Education classes provide residents with escape from daily routines.

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    • JohnAdenSpot  

      John Aden

      Instructor enjoys helping people upgrade their skills, improving themselves.

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  • SCC's Continuing Education classes, programs and workshops are designed to meet your needs. We are committed to providing quality, innovative training and personal enrichment opportunities for the citizens of Lincoln and our entire 15-county service area.

    Keep learning! Expand your skills! Be more fulfilled!

    If you are interested in . . .
    • Enhancing a skill
    • Recertifying in your trade
    • Starting a new career path, or
    • Simply making your life more satisfying
    We deliver these opportunities at times that are convenient for you: day or evening, online or face-to-face (or both), weekdays and weekends. We provide the means to help you learn whatever you desire. Remember, learning lasts a lifetime!