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    Prepare to be - Amazed
    SCC's Criminal Justice program will lay the groundwork for an exciting career.
    Prepare to be - Amazed
    SCC's Criminal Justice program will lay the groundwork for an exciting career.
    Prepare to be - Amazed
    SCC's Criminal Justice program will lay the groundwork for an exciting career.
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Criminal Justice

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    SCC’s Criminal Justice program prepares students for a variety of careers in the criminal justice field through classroom theory and hands-on experience.

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    The program leads to a versatile, comprehensive degree that can be completed in four semesters. It prepares students for careers as:
    • Corrections officer
    • Police officer
    • Technical support within local, state and federal law enforcement programs
    • Criminal intelligence analyst
    • Forensic technician
    • Transportation and Security Administration screening officer
    • Victim advocate
    • Private investigator
    • Court administration technician
    • Property and evidence technician
    • Pre-law preparation
    • Gaming security
    • Juvenile Specialist
    • Drug Court Technician

    Criminal Justice focus

    In the Criminal Justice focus, students will receive comprehensive educational experiences through both theory and hands-on. Students work together as they process mock crime scenes to collect and preserve evidence. In other classes, students will utilize critical thinking skills as they study the law and ethical and contemporary issues in criminal justice.

    Nebraska Law Enforcement focus

    The Nebraska Law Enforcement focus is for students who want to go into city, county, state or federal law enforcement.  This focus is streamlined to help students get the most out of their education and assist them when they are ready to go into the law enforcement field. Students will learn theory, laws and gain hands-on experience. Students in this focus will complete an internship where they will work alongside professionals in the law enforcement field. Students who want to work in federal law enforcement will need to continue to a 4-yr college after SCC since a 4-yr degree is required at the federal level.

    Corrections focus

    The AAS in criminal justice corrections focus prepares graduates for immediate entry into the corrections work force. It prepares students for a multitude of jobs in correctional facilities ranging from least restrictive settings, such as group homes, to highly restrictive maximum-security prisons. Students will learn about the corrections systems and gain hands-on experience. Students also will complete an internship where they will work alongside professionals in the corrections field.

    Community-Based Corrections & Juvenile Services focus

    This focus is designed for use by students who intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree as most of the jobs in the field of juvenile services require a minimum of a B.A. / B.S. Also, probation and parole officers will need a four-year degree. This focus is an exciting start to this career field. Students interested in becoming juvenile detention technicians, mentors, or probation trackers within the criminal justice system should follow the Community-Based Corrections & Juvenile Services career plan. In addition to the criminal justice related classes, required courses place an emphasis on the social and behavioral sciences and delinquent behaviors. This combination provides the student with a strong theoretical foundation for successful personal and social interventions in their chosen profession. Students also will complete an internship where they will work alongside professionals in the community-based corrections & juvenile services field.

    Homeland Security focus

    The Homeland Security focus prepares students for careers in entry-level employment in governmental and private security agencies and provide a pathway to specialized careers. This focus will prepare students for the growing field of safety, security and emergency management. Homeland security jobs are expected to remain in high demand; national security is among the highest priorities of our government and private agencies.
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    Credit toward bachelor's degree

    SCC's program also provides advanced placement into a bachelor's degree program. This degree can be used for seeking immediate employment in the criminal justice field. SCC also offers an Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees in the Academic Transfer program with an emphasis in criminal justice. Most federal agency forensic crime labs, crime scene investigator and probation officer positions require a bachelor's degree. Each four-year college or university accepts different courses to fulfill their requirements. The student is responsible to check with their receiving institution to know what credits will transfer. Please work closely with an SCC advisor or Criminal Justice advisor when enrolling in courses that transfer.
    Note: Academic Transfer students may take some Criminal Justice courses as electives that will satisfy their degree requirements.


    The mission of the Criminal Justice program is to offer students broad-based, practitioner-oriented instruction designed to provide the necessary skills for becoming an entry-level professional or to continue academic pursuits.

    Employment Outlook

    Concern about personal and public safety and crime rates have led to an increased demand for law enforcement professionals. Also, the demand for correctional officers is expected to grow 9 percent until 2018. The fastest-growing careers in criminal justice are:
    • Correctional officer
    • Court reporter
    • Crime scene examiner
    • Detective
    • Fish and game warden
    • Lawyer
    • Paralegal
    • Police officer
    • Private investigator
    • Probation officer

    Graduates report an average annual starting salary of $36,816.

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