Financial Assistance

Continuing Education Financial Assistance

The following financial assistance opportunities are for students pursuing Continuing Education courses. Eligibility differs from program to program. Please review the programs to learn if you qualify.

Continuing Education Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of private donors and the Continuing education staff, SCC is able to provide scholarships to our students each year. Please visit the Continuing Education Scholarship tab for more information or if you have questions.

Gap Assistance Program

This program provides need-based financial support for tuition and other eligible costs for approved, short-termed non-credit training opportunities focused on employment and select credit courses. See the Gap Assistance tab for the full list of approved programs of study and if you are eligible or contact the program specialist to inquire.

Continuing Education Scholarships for Students in Noncredit Courses

We welcome your interest in Southeast Community College’s Continuing Education (CE) scholarship and wish you success as you pursue your personal and educational goals. Complete the application if you are in need of financial assistance for a noncredit course or workshop. The completed CE Scholarship application and noncredit course registration forms must be completed by the student to be considered for the CE Scholarship award.

Application deadlines are:

Two weeks before the course start date.

If approved and funds are available, the CE Scholarship will award 75% of the tuition up to $100. Fees, taxes and supplies are not eligible. CE scholarships are one-time awards, intended to help students take the next step in pursuing their personal or educational goals. Applicants will be notified of the Scholarship Committee’s decision within 3-5 days of the start of class. Applicants must either accept or decline the scholarship upon notification of the award or forfeit the scholarship.

  • US citizen, permanent resident, or eligible noncitizen
  • Reside in Nebraska
  • Financial need
  • Good standing at SCC

Strength of personal need statement and demonstrate financial need

CE Scholarship Information Printable Sheet

  • Remain in good standing with continued progress toward educational, career, or life goals.
  • Submit a letter thanking scholarship donors and consider sharing your story to promote the Southeast Community College Continuing Education Division and its scholarship program.

Southeast Community College
Continuing Education Division
Scholarship Committee
301 South 68th Street Place
Lincoln, NE 68510
Fax 402-437-2703

Or complete and scan form to: or FAX to 402-437-2703

For more information


Gap Assistance Program

This program provides need-based financial support for tuition and other eligible costs for approved, short-termed non-credit training opportunities focused on employment and select credit courses.

Eligible participants may receive full or partial assistance with direct training costs, including tuition, books, required fees, and equipment.

To qualify you must meet the income criteria and be eligible to work in the United States. Eligible students must have a family income at or below 250 percent of federal poverty guidelines. Criteria Include: Financial need, Nebraska resident, and High school diploma or GED.

Poverty Guidelines

2022 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Contiguous States
1 $36,450 $36,450
2 $49,300 $49,300
3 $62,150 $62,150
4 $75,000 $75,000
5 $87,850 $87,850
6 $100,700 $100,700
7 $113,550 $113,550
8 $126,400 $126,400

For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,140 for each additional person.
* Annual Income amounts subject to change.

Approved “Programs of Study” are available in a variety of different in-demand occupational areas as shown below. See SCC’s Approved Programs of Study PDF.

  • Financial services
  • Transportation
  • Precision metals manufacturing
  • Renewable energy
  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Business management and administrative services
  • Software and computer services
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Education

Application & Selection Process

  1. Select your Approved Program of Study.

  2. Complete and submit your application online.

  3. Meet to discuss your training interest and application. See contact information below.

    *Eligibility will be determined through an evaluation process.

Contact Us

For more information please contact our GAP Program Specialist, or call 402-323-3394


I am so grateful for the GAP program. Without it I would not be where I am today. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 20 years with an inactive nursing license. I never thought I would be able to go back to nursing. The only way I was able to do the refresher course to get my license back was through the GAP Assistance program. Now I am working full time as a pediatric nurse and I am loving it! Thank you so much!-Jana