Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship funds awarded in 2022-2023

Foundation & Institutional Scholarships

SCC Institutional scholarships are considered gift aid and do not require repayment. all of the eligibility requirements for federal financial aid also apply to SCC Scholarships.

High School Seniors
Apply during their senior year
Applications open
December 1 –March 1

Review Awards

Current & New Students
Applications open by term
Fall Semester: May 1-May 31
Spring Semester: Oct. 1-Oct. 31

Review Awards

The single application includes the Scott Pathway and EducationQuest scholarships.

Your application will be considered and cross-referenced for all scholarships for which you qualify - you don't have to pre-select your scholarships of interest. Only online applications will be accepted. High School transcripts shoud be send to or uploaded in the scholarship application.

Last year $2.5 million was awarded to more than 3,000 students by the SCC Educational Foundation.