People Obtaining Prosperity

POP Scholarship Program

People Obtaining Prosperity (POP) Scholarship

center for peopleProgram offers 30 credit hours of tuition (books not included). We also offer help in the area of community resources, tutoring, educational planning, registration and career exploration. If you complete the 30 credit hours with a 2.7 GPA of higher you may be eligible for further tuition assistance. Please contact Michaela Weverka at 402-476-4357 ext. 251 or, to learn more.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • ESL level of 6 as a minimum
  • In Lincoln, Beatrice or Milford area
  • Eligible for Financial aid/Pell grant
  • Must be a resident of Nebraska for at least 6 months
  • Must not have received Learn to Dream scholarship
  • Must not have an Associate’s degree or higher from the United States
  • Must have registered with SCC and completed the Accuplacer
  • Must not owe SCC any back pay for previous classes
  • If current student must not be in Academic Probation
  • 180% of the Federal poverty level

2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines

1 $1,821
2 $2,469
3 $3,117
4 $3,765
5 $4,413
6 $5,061


Scholarship application


Support and Services

  • Educational goals and plans
  • Study Skills
  • Tutoring
  • Registration
  • Career Exploration
  • Financial Assistance
  • Community Resources

Please speak with your College Advisor for any questions regarding the POP Scholarship.