The Children of State Teammate Tuition Reimbursement Program

Extended through June 1, 2025

tuition costs after other funding sources

Recently, Governor Ricketts, DAS Director Jackson and Southeast Community College President Dr. Illich announced a new educational benefit that is now available to state teammates beginning May 8, 2022. The Children of State Teammate Tuition Reimbursement Program will provide tuition assistance to dependents of state teammates attending any of Nebraska’s community colleges. This program will not only enhance teammates’ work experience, but also help recruit and retain a strong workforce in state government. This is also a great opportunity for the State to partner with our community colleges and highlight all they can offer as a top choice in Nebraska for higher education.

We are excited to share initial information about the program, eligibility requirements and how to submit an Eligibility Verification Request for your child. The attached FAQ provides detailed information and will be updated as needed. To submit an Eligibility Verification Request, complete the attached form and send it, along with the required documentation, to the inbox. Some examples of supporting documents are birth certificate, adoption records and other legal documentation that show the legal relationship of your child to you as well as the age of the child. You will be notified regarding the eligibility determination. The community colleges will be provided a regularly updated list of eligible state teammate children.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A qualifying dependent is defined as any naturally born child, legally adopted child, stepchild, or ward of a current permanent full-time State of Nebraska employee.
  • Qualifying dependents must begin their programs of study between the ages of 18-25 years old and complete their programs of study by age 27.

Additional information, including how to submit a Child of State Teammate Tuition Reimbursement form will be shared at a later date. You may email with questions.