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  • Your application will be considered and cross-referenced for all scholarships for which you qualify – you don’t have to pre-select your scholarships of interest! Only online applications will be accepted.

    The Walter Scott Jr. Career Pathway Scholarship is intended for high school seniors planning to enroll in a qualifying program of study at SCC in the fall. To apply please complete the High School Seniors scholarships application below.

  • High School Seniors

    Use this application if you are currently attending high school and plan to attend SCC during the next academic year.

    The application is open from December 1–March 1

    High School transcripts should be sent to admissions@southeast.edu or uploaded in the scholarship application.

    New Students

    Use this application if you will be attending SCC for the first time in the following term, but do not meet the criteria of a high school senior.

    This application is open October 1-31 and May 1-31.

    Current/Continuing Students

    Use this application if you are a current or returning student at SCC and plan to attend during the next term.

    This application is open October 1-31 and May 1-31.

    If you were awarded a scholarship, and are preparing a thank you, please refer to these resources for assistance.

    SCC Scholarship Submission Instructions

    To submit a scholarship thank you to SCC, please use one of the following methods:

    • Email directly to scholarships@southeast.edu (Please put the scholarship Name in the Subject following this format: Thank you – Scholarship Name)
    • Submit handwritten letters to Financial Aid: place your thank you in an envelope with the name of the scholarship on the front, and drop it off at any SCC financial aid office.

    The SCC Educational Foundation was organized in 1975, with the sole intent of maintaining, developing and extending services to the College and to further educational opportunities to students, staff and the residents of the 15-county area which it serves.

    The student scholarship program has always been the primary objective guiding the Foundation's many activities. SCC's mission is to provide opportunities for growth and development to all students, no matter what their educational goals.

    Last year, more than 2,000 students received scholarship awards at a value of more than $2 million.

    If you would like to make a difference and donate money for student scholarships, please visit our SCC Educational Foundation pages.