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15-County Service Area

SCC serves a 15-county area of southeast Nebraska. The "S" logo on the map indicates campus locations. Stars indicate learning center locations.

The College has been operating in its current structure since July 1, 1973, when a statewide community college system was implemented by the Legislature. However, the campus in Milford existed long before 1973. The first postsecondary technical institution, exclusively offering two-year postsecondary degrees in vocational/technical programs, was established by the Nebraska Unicameral in 1941 at Milford. Operated by the Nebraska Department of Education, the school was originally established to meet the occupational education needs of the entire state. In 1971, the Legislature passed a bill which combined junior colleges (Fairbury, established in 1941, in SCC's area), state vocational/technical colleges, and the area technical schools into one system of two-year institutions. The consolidation originally established eight technical community college areas. The number was reduced to six when Lincoln merged with Southeast in 1973. As conceived in 1971, Nebraska community college areas were to be governed locally by elected boards. Southeast derives its operating revenue from three major sources: local property taxes, state aid (a combination of sales and income tax funds apportioned by the Legislature), and tuition.