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Mission Statement


The mission of Southeast Community College is to empower and transform the diverse learners and communities of southeast Nebraska through accessible lifelong educational opportunities. The College provides dynamic and responsive pathways to career and technical, academic transfer and continuing education programs that contribute to personal, community and workforce development.

Vision Statement

Southeast Community College seeks to transform and empower its diverse learners for fulfilling careers, life-long learning and community and societal advancement. The College is committed to ongoing intellectual, financial and strategic investment in its infrastructure and all phases of its operations.

The College is dedicated to creating destinations and the highest quality learning climates through permanent, innovative, modern, virtually linked, sustainable, and collaborative facilities and green spaces. SCC will ensure its open-access mission is celebrated and realized through inclusivity, respect and compassion toward the diverse views and ideas of its various student populations and constituents. The College will work collaboratively and courageously with its higher education partners, employers and local and state officials to address Nebraska’s skilled worker shortage and the need for everyone to have affordable access to the life-changing benefits of higher education. SCC will utilize valid and dynamic data to respond to local and statewide needs to strengthen the College’s diverse communities and economies.

SCC strives to be a national leader in developing high-contact technical and academic experiences through personal and sincere relationships with engaged and invested faculty, staff and administrators. These personal connections will be coupled with intensive learning opportunities through co-curricular involvement, research, volunteerism, and public service. SCC’s commitment to student transformation intentionally encompasses the development of essential life skills, including reflective thinking, resiliency and emotional intelligence proficiency.


Excellence: Commitment to the highest level of performance in all facets of the College’s programs, services and operations through effective investment and support of all assets

Integrity: Continuous pursuit of fulfillment of mission, vision and goals through transparency and ethical practices in all College operations.

Innovation: Commitment to proactive discovery and application of emerging concepts and technologies, and promotion of the respectful challenging of ideologies and practices to cultivate creativity, alternative viewpoints and opportunities for ongoing discovery and intellectual growth.

Inclusion: Promotion of opportunities and advancement for a diverse and dynamic student, employee and community population through the creation of a positive, compassionate and reflective culture.

Stewardship & Accountability: Commitment to our students, employers and communities through investment in resources to fulfill the College’s mission, vision and goals and responsible management of human, physical and financial resources.