Alumni and Friends

  • Did you know that you belong to a special group of people? That's right. You and more than 40,000 others hold awards from Southeast Community College, and we are proud to call you SCC Alumni!

    How often have you encountered a fellow SCC alumnus? This special bond, whether you graduated from Fairbury Junior College, Nebraska State Trade School at Milford, or Southeast Community College, provides a conduit to a conversation about "the good ol' days," roommates, your favorite instructor, or simply what you're up to now. The person may live next door or on the other side of the globe. Whatever part of the world SCC alumni live, chances to make new relationships abound.

    As you know, the College has changed a lot through the years. But one thing hasn't: Our commitment to providing all SCC alumni job placement services for life. We continue to register new employers on our online employment website, because the word is out there that SCC graduates possess the skills and work ethic to help any organization be successful.

    So whether it's an alumni reunion or simply getting the Alumni News in your mailbox three times a year, we want you to stay connected to SCC. Yes, the name has changed, but our mission has not. Thank you for investing your hard-earned money, time and energy into obtaining a degree from SCC. We trust that it has led to a satisfying career and a comfortable lifestyle.

  • Alumni News
    The Alumni News is published three times each year by the Placement Offices on each campus. More than 40,000 SCC alumni receive the publication.
    Distinguished Alumnus Nomination (Beatrice Campus)

    The selection process for an Outstanding Alumnus from Fairbury Junior College, SCC Fairbury Campus or SCC Beatrice Campus, to be recognized at the spring graduation, follows the criteria listed below:

    • Degree/Diploma from FJC or SCC Fairbury or SCC Beatrice campuses
    • Recipient graduated at least 10+ years ago
    • Demonstrated outstanding career achievement
    • Achievement in leadership, community service/involvement, continued education and special honors
    • Not a current SCC Beatrice Campus faculty or staff member
    • Recipient will receive award at the spring graduation ceremony and have the option to be the speaker for the event
    • Nominee will receive a form to complete and return it to SCC for consideration

    Please complete the following and submit no later than February 1, 2018.

    Distinguished Alumnus Nomination (Lincoln Campus)

    We will be selecting two 10+ year Distinguished Alumni from the Lincoln Campus. Recognition will be presented at the Lincoln Campus Inservice meeting scheduled for Monday, January 3, 2017.

    The submission deadline for 2016 has passed. Please check back later.

    Distinguished Alumnus Nomination (Milford Campus)
    We will be selecting 3+ year Distinguished Alumni from the Milford Campus. One Distinguished Alumni will be recognized at each quarterly graduation ceremony.  Please provide the following information. Be specific with details! The nominee must be a 3+ year graduate.

    No submission deadline.
    Graduates: Employment/College Transfer Outcomes
    SCC's Graduates: Employment/College Transfer Outcomes is an annual publication that tells the employment, transfer and salary story of graduates from the previous academic year.
    Update My Contact Information

    We knew where you were when you were here.

    But when you graduated and left the friendly confines of SCC, it's sometimes challenging to stay connected. And we LOVE to stay connected with our graduates!

    New address or name change? Let us know by completing the Update My Contact Information form online.

    Help Us Find Missing Alumni

    At times we lose contact with graduates, and we rely on the friendships made at SCC to help us find those former students who have moved or changed names over the years. If you recognize someone on the list, please provide us with their information such as address, phone number, email address, married name, or ask them to contact us at

    If you know someone on the list who has died, please provide us with the month and year so that we can update our records and keep them accurate.

    Thank you.

    Placement Services
    SCC has a Placement Office located on each campus to assist current SCC students, alumni and employers with a variety of services.
    Give to SCC
    The Southeast Community College Educational Foundation makes it easy to donate to the school that's near and dear to your heart.
    Request a Transcript
    Fill out a Transcript Request Form and have the information you need sent to the proper place. Best of all, it's FREE if you want us to send it within 3-5 working days or if you'll pick it up within that time frame. If you need one immediately, there is a $5 charge.
  • Contacts

    Beatrice Campus

    Tel: 402-228-8216

    Toll Free: 800-233-5027

    Ext: 1216

    Fax: 402-228-2218

    Lincoln Campus

    Tel: 402-437-2622

    Toll Free: 800-642-4075

    Ext: 2622

    Fax: 402-437-2593

    Milford Campus

    Tel: 402-761-8242

    Toll Free: 800-933-7223

    Ext: 8242

    Fax: 402-761-8439

    Beatrice Campus
    402-228-8216 Ext: 1216
    800-233-5027 Ext: 1216
    Fax: 402-228-2218
    Lincoln Campus
    402-437-2622 Ext: 2622
    800-642-4075 Ext: 2622
    Fax: 402-437-2593
    Milford Campus
    402-761-8242 Ext: 8242
    800-933-7223 Ext: 8242
    Fax: 402-761-8439