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Become A Student at SCC

  • Admissions Requirements

    1. Complete and submit an Application for Admission.
    2. Self-certify that you have graduated from high school or completed a GED program or submit transcripts to the SCC Admissions Office.
    3. Complete an assessment/placement test or submit official college transcripts showing completion of English and mathematics credit (grade of C or higher).
    4. Submit any additional information required for your chosen Program of Study. See program’s webpage for specific information.

    Admissions Requirements

    All students who are accepted for admission to a Program of Study must self-certify they have graduated from an accredited or approved high school or college, or have completed the requirements for a GED® certificate.

    Students who have not graduated from high school or who do not have a GED® certificate must earn a GED® diploma before admission to a Program of Study.

    Contact an Adult Education staff member for more information regarding obtaining the GED®. Due to federal financial aid policies, federal financial aid is not available to students who have not graduated from high school or completed a GED®.

    Admissions Advisors

    Admissions Advisors are available to discuss Programs of Study, admissions processes, and assessment/placement testing. Admissions Advisors can also facilitate career assessments to help students in identifying career interests.

    Advisors will help you start your Path to Possible!

    Detailed Steps for Admission to a Program of Study

    1. Complete and submit an Application for Admission

    All new students seeking admission to a Program of Study at SCC must complete an Application for Admission. Students are allowed to take classes at multiple SCC locations, although special permission may be required from the program director if classes are program specific. We encourage students to complete the Application for Admission online; paper copies are available in the Admissions Office and at SCC Learning Centers. There is no application fee.

    Please note: If you plan to enroll in a few courses, do not plan to receive financial aid, and are not seeking a degree from SCC, you do not need to apply for admission. Registration for individual courses as a visiting student can be completed with assistance from an Admissions Advisor and/or at the Registration and Records Office. Individuals not seeking a degree from SCC and who desire to register for classes online should complete the Visiting Student Application.

    2. Demonstrate Completion of High School or GED

    Students may meet this requirement by self-certification on the Application for Admission or by submitting a copy of their high school or GED transcript.

    A copy of the high school or GED transcript is not required for admission unless the high school/GED information provided on the Application for Admission is determined to be discrepant, inaccurate, or incomplete. If requested, please send a copy of your high school or GED transcript directly to the SCC Admissions Office at the appropriate campus.

    Please note that some programs require a final high school or GED transcript as a condition of admission due to accreditation requirements. See special program requirements for your Program of Study for more information. Additionally, a high school or GED transcript may be required by Financial Aid for students receiving federal aid.

    Request that a copy of your high school or GED® transcript be sent directly to SCC's Admissions Office at the appropriate campus. Provide an official transcript or self-certify (on the Application for Admission) that you graduated from an accredited or approved high school or college, or have completed the requirements for a GED certificate.

    3. Demonstrate College Readiness

    Southeast Community College requires competency in writing and mathematics in order to succeed in the selected Program of Study. All applicants for admission are evaluated on basic academic skills to better determine placement into courses and Programs of Study. To determine the entrance placement scores for specific programs, visit the Testing Center or request assistance from the Admissions staff.

    Based on a student’s placement score and/or previously completed post-secondary coursework, students may be required to complete developmental coursework before advancing to certain program courses. Specific information about developmental coursework is available from SCC Admissions staff. Developmental coursework and high school equivalency programs are available at SCC to students who do not meet admissions requirements into their chosen Program of Study. Applicants in need of course placement test scores will be notified and provided information about testing options, study materials, and instructions.

    All students seeking admission to a Program of Study must demonstrate college readiness. This can be verified via a number of evaluative methods:

    Completion of Assessment/Course Placement Test:
    Completion of placement testing occurs through at least one of the following basic skill assessment/placement tests:

    • Next Generation ACCUPLACER®
    • ACT
    • SAT
    • Accuplacer

    These scores may be reported by the testing service (ACT, SAT, etc.) listed on the high school transcript or submitted by the student.

    Please note the following:

    • Each Program of Study requires a specific score level for admission. Visit the Testing Center for more information.
    • Reading score results must be from within the past 5 years. Please note that reading test scores are used for placement in English courses.
    • Math score results must be from within the past 3 years.

    A student who cannot fulfill any one of these criteria should discuss the available alternatives with an SCC Admissions or Transitions Advisor.

    Please contact any of the SCC Testing & Assessment Centers or SCC Learning Centers to learn more about placement testing, retesting and arranging a time to take the Next Generation ACCUPLACER test. Retesting is possible for individuals who believe their course placement testing results do not represent their current ability. If a student has previously tested in the last 5 years, a $15 retest fee must be paid in advance of the retesting session. See the Testing & Assessment section for additional information about retesting policies.

    Submit Transfer Coursework
    Students can also demonstrate college readiness through prior successful post-secondary coursework. Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions must be sent directly from the institution where the credit was earned to any of SCC’s Admissions Offices. Transcripts from nationally accredited colleges, approved by the U.S. Department of Education, will be evaluated to determine if the student meets college entrance requirements through evidence of three (3) or more hours of transfer credit from an accredited postsecondary institution with a grade of “C” or better in each of the areas of English and/or math. If the demonstrated English coursework does not meet the minimum program requirement or is 5 years or older, testing is required. Please note, placement testing or additional proof of post-secondary course completion will be required when an individual has taken a prerequisite in mathematics more than 3 years ago or the completed course does not meet program requirements.

    Electronic transcripts sent directly from the institution where the credit was earned will be accepted.

    4. Submit any additional information required for your chosen program.

    5. You will be notified of your admissions status within 1-2 weeks of submitting your application.

    Being Re-Admitted to SCC

    We are delighted to welcome you back to SCC! Our Admissions staff is available to answer your questions and assist you in the process of re-enrolling.

    Former SCC students who were “declared” and once enrolled in a Program of Study and who have not been enrolled for one or more years need to reapply for admission to be eligible for re-entry into their former program or a new Program of Study.

    Readmission is subject to available space and current requirements established by the College and the Program of Study.

    Minimum Age Requirements

    Any person 16 years of age or older who is not enrolled in a regular secondary school program is eligible to enroll in SCC classes provided they meet any stated class prerequisites. Eligible high school students in good standing may enroll in college credit classes with written permission from their high school principal or counselor.

    Students under 16 years of age will not be accepted for admission into a Program of Study. Students under 16 may enroll in credit classes with special permission from the Dean of Students. Contact the SCC Student Affairs Office to obtain a permission form.

    Students under 16 years of age may enroll in special non-credit classes which are offered by SCC's Continuing Education Division. These special classes usually are designed for youth and adults who register and attend classes together. Other special enrollment opportunities for students under 16 will be identified in the course description and/or advertisement. High school students enrolling in distance learning classes must meet all of the College course prerequisites prior to the start of class. Contact the campus Registration and Records Office for additional information.

    Reasonable Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities

    SCC provides services and reasonable accommodations to allow persons with disabilities to participate in educational programs and other College activities. For more information on requesting ADA reasonable accommodations, contact the Student Services Office on the campus you plan to attend.

  • Terms

    Term Start Date End Date Registration Begins
    Fall Semester 2021 Aug. 23, 2021 Dec. 17, 2021 March 29, 2021
    Spring Semester 2022 Jan. 10, 2022 May 5, 2022 Oct. 25, 2021
    Please see the calendar for other important dates.